A woman has found the worst Tinder profile ever. Yes, you have to perform a test first.

There were some serious contenders, but the world’s worst Tinder profile has been found.

A Minnesota woman has stumbled upon what she deems to be the “world’s worst straight dude Tinder bio”. And we happen to agree with her.

Because this man is asking prospective dates to perform a self-evaluation before they contact him.

The arrogance. We mean… just… wow.

The guy, whose name sadly we don’t know, has framed it as a maths exercise and quiz, which somehow makes it even worse.

He’s asked fellow Twitter users to award themselves points for some traits and minus points for others. If their score reaches 20 then (congratulations!) they can contact him.

These traits are very specific.

For instance, if you “only put a face on for an event” you have to minus one point. Which is weird because we don’t have to put our face on ever. We just wake up and it’s… there.

Other misogynistic stipulations include being shorter than 5″3 (160cm), a “freak in the bed” and not having “way too many clothes”.

He also wants his dates to have an understanding of budgeting, and also possess a thin, flexible surgical instrument for exploring or dilating a passage of the body. Oh, we’re sorry – he means bourgeois, as in middle-class.


But he doesn’t want women to be rude either. Who could date a person who was rude?

The woman who shared the profile she found with the world on Twitter said that she would get a one or a minus one, depending on how rude she was feeling that day.

In the week since she posted it, the bio has been ruthlessly (and hilariously) mocked.



As at least one Twitter user pointed out, really this guy is doing the women of Tinder a favour by putting it out there straight away that he is a superficial, sexist human being and definitely not worth their time.

So maybe it really is an effective test.

If a woman still decides to contact this man after reading his bio, then they would probably make the perfect couple.

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