An angry text exchange is going viral. If you have a sister, this fight is too familiar.

To anyone who doesn’t have a sister, it can be darn hard to explain how your relationship works.

Or, more specifically, how it survives.

For example, last night I sent my sister this meme, with ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS, after she has for months been sneaking onto my Netflix account:


When I ranted to my friends about how often my Netflix account is locked because she's binging the latest episode of Riverdale, they just said, "Why don't you change your password?"

"But, that would mean she couldn't watch Riverdale every Thursday afternoon," I replied.

Even though it makes me roll my eyes when I have been locked out, Riverdale is her favourite show and well, I don't want her to miss out.

Why Sisters is the new show you need to watch...(Post continues after audio.)

It's contradictory, unhelpful, but that's just how my sisters and I work.

We're not alone, with the recent texts of 16-year-old Trinity and her 12-year-old sister, Jordan going viral.

What started out as Trinity asking to borrow her sister's Spandex, eventually spiralled into passive-aggressive CAPITAL LETTERS, fierce accusations of lying, and the age-old debate of who stole the damn foundation.


In my favourite part of the entire saga, right after sending to her sister, "YOU HAVE YOUR OWN", Jordan also said, "Do you want to go to the movies tonight".

Like their fight never even happened, Trinity just replied, "yes".

Sisters, worldwide, are now sharing their best moments and we can't get enough.


Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Trinity said that this was typical of their relationship.

"My sister and I argue about small things a lot, but at the end of the day we always make up, and we love each other a lot," Trinity said.

"Even when I’m mad at her, I’ve got her back. She’s pretty much my own built-in best friend."

What is a common fight you have with your sister?