16 (very convincing) reasons winter should be your favourite season.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love spring and summer too. Lighter mornings and nights. Sun, sea, sand. I get it. But there’s something to be said about the fabulous ability winter has to airbrush my slovenly state.

Case in point? Last night as I nestled into the lounge bra-less in my standard hoodie and trackies combo, I realised I’d forgotten a key ingredient for dinner.

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I made the short walk to my local supermarket SANS BRA. And no one was the wiser. I have winter to thank for that. And think that you’ll find these reasons to love winter highly convincing…

1. Being anti-social is standard practice.

The guilt you feel staying in watching Netflix in summer = high. The guilt you feel staying in watching Netflix in winter = non-existent.

2. You’re encouraged to grow your leg hairs.

Not only can no one actually tell whether you’re hiding Chewbacca under your stockings, ample leg hair growth during winter has a warming effect on legs*.

*Not scientifically proven, but I swear it does.

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3. Boots are an un-pedicured woman’s saviour.

Oh, you like my caramel-heeled boots? Why, thank you. Little do you know they’re covering hairy toes and chipped nail polish you last applied in March.

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4. Sleeping becomes 1000000 times better.

There’s no problem of becoming sweaty or having to kick off your covers; you can get reaaally cozy. Don’t even get us started on hot water bottles.

5. Hot chocolates are essential for survival.

Chilly? Cold? Freezing? Hot chocolate to the rescue! What? We probably burnt off the calories shivering on our way to the cafe.

6. You never have to wear a bra. Ever. Anywhere.

We’ve discussed this above, but I think it’s worth another mention, don’t you? (Post continues after gallery.)

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7. Ugly outfits are perfectly acceptable.

What other season allows you to wear an over-sized, stained pink fluffly robe? NONE, THAT’S WHAT.

8. Forgetting to shave your armpits isn’t the worst thing ever.

That’s what jumpers and long-sleevess tops are for, right?

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9. You can wear comfortable bras.

There’s no need for pretty bras or push-up bras because under those layers it won't make a difference anyway.

10. Beanies are your hair’s best friend.

Greasy roots? Regrowth taking over your head? That’s what beanies and assorted winter hats are for.

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11. You can go days without taking off your bed socks.

No one can tell you’ve got your red knitted socks on underneath your boots, can they?

12. It’s a completely legitimate excuse to stay in.

"I'm sorry guys, it's just too cold and rainy for me to head out tonight."

13. You can save your primer for later in the year.

In summer, we prime the crap out of our mugs to stop our makeup sliding off. Who needs to do that when it’s 16 degrees outside?

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14. Fake tanning is so easssyyy.

When just your face, neck and hands are visible at this time of year, fake tanning takes about 648 times less than normal.

15. You can avoid skin-to-skin contact on public transport.

That awkward leg-to-leg, arm-to-arm feeling you get on the bus in summer? Your jacket and jeans protect you from that sh*t when it’s cold.

16. You can get out of everything because “it’s cold”.

Recycling bin needs emptying? “But it’s too cold outside!” Fridge is completely empty. “Sorry, to freezing out there.” Boyfriend wants you to come with him to hang out with his friends. “I totally would but I’m way too cold.”

 If number 8 rings true to you, check out these pictures...

What is your favourite thing about winter?