A mum has written the most perfect ad for a baby bouncer.

A UK mum with one hell of a sense of humour has posted a hilarious eBay ad that’s gone viral. The eBay ad, which was posted earlier this week, listed a Fisher Price ‘Jumparoo’ baby bouncer for sale.

But the product description? Pure gold.

The seller, known only as emma9836, wrote:

“The Jumparoo otherwise fondly known as ‘The Circle of Neglect’ in our house is for sale as it has turned from a contraption that presented hours of fun filled jumping to a maximum if we’re lucky of three jumps before ‘let me out I want to shove one of my big brothers marbles up my nose/ in my mouth/ down my nappy/basically somewhere it shouldn’t be’ wailing ensues.”

Parents – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

funny ebay ad
The product description? Pure gold. Image via eBay.

She continued:

"...This pile of multicoloured plastic, metal and fabric can give your bundle of joy hours of restricted fun (when I say restricted i don't mean your child's imagination, on that front the sky's the limit. No I mean you having a wee on your own knowing your little one will be where you left them when you return, you may even be able to go crazy and have time to dry your hands and do up your flies before you leave the bathroom!)"

"It is with a heavy heart I let this parenting tool go from our household as it does prevent phrases like "mummy xxx has her finger stuck in Buzz Lightyear's helmet" (no mother wishes to hear her little girl has her finger stuck in a helmet!) however as I mention above our baby girl now views this piece of equipment on a level with a Tudor torture tool, so it will become another thing I don't have time to clean!

terrible mother
This mum speaks for all frazzled parents. Image via iStock.

"Be warned it does take up a good chunk of space in your house, but trust me whilst your baby is having more fun in this thing than a 17 year old at an illegal rave and you're drinking a hot coffee you won't begrudge the room it takes up!"

The mum signs off with more trademark brutal honesty:

"Collection within three days of be auction ending please - mostly because I need the space for the next round of plastic crap that lights up and plays repetitive tunes for hours on end with batteries that seemingly can't die...."

We don't know who this mum is - but we'd like to have a cocktail with her.

What piece of equipment saved your sanity when your kids were little? 

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