Tommy agreed to babysit his aunt's dog. She arrived with a two-page set of instructions.

Tommy Rivers was left in charge of his aunt’s pomeranian Pepper while she was away.

He thought dog minding would be simple. A bit of food, some ball-throwing, maybe a walk or two… Oh, was he wrong.

He didn’t yet realise Pepper’s place in the world.

He didn’t know he was dealing with the Beyonce of canines and that this dog lady (also referred to as ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’) has demands.

As you’d expect, Tommy’s aunt left instructions to help him care for Pepper while she was gone.

The two-page list of bullet points came headlined in regal cursive and we’re guessing the paper was scented with lavender.

Firstly, Pepper’s not allowed carbs (watching her weight).

Not everyone loves dogs. Wait, what? Post continues below.

She must play with her ball – fired from a green gun that is likely adorned with rose petals and crystals – at least once a day.


Oh, and she mustn’t be yelled at because she only communicates for important reasons, and only to people worthy of her attention.


Tommy posted an image of the instructions to Twitter and the post has gone viral.

When you see Pepper’s little face, you can certainly understand why.

As Tommy’s aunt says: “Don’t hate her cause you ain’t her.”


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