Funeral parlour puts wrong body in open casket. Tells family it's no biggie.

They had one job…

A US funeral parlour is being sued after they placed the wrong body in an OPEN casket – and then tried to convince grieving relatives that it was no biggie, because “people look different in death”. Riiight.

Friends and family of Jerry Moon attended his funeral in 2013, only to find a completely different body when they looked into the open casket.

But that’s not even the worst part – when the family complained to staff, they were told THEY were wrong, even though Mr Moon was bald, and the body in his casket had a full head of hair.

The explanation from the staff? That post-death hair growth was totally a thing.

It was eventually revealed that the mystery body belonged to Robert Petitclerc, who was 25 years older than Mr Moon and who died at the same hospice around the same time.

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But remember when we said it got worse? It got MUCH worse.

It turned out that Mr Moon’s body had been cremated, even though his religious beliefs meant he was opposed to cremation.

The Independent reported that although the mistake happened at the Dahl McVicker Funeral Home, the family are now suing the Brown Mortuary Service for not only not fixing the mistake, but for trying to cover it up.

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Mr Moon’s son Brian said in a statement:

Instead of being treated with dignity, our family was demeaned and denied the opportunity to honor my father and lay him to rest according to his wishes.

Oh dear. If you are a funeral home, that is probably not a mistake you want to be making…