PSA: This week's super full moon is here to intensify all your feelings and emotions.

You’re probably feeling a bit delicate after Monday night’s super moon.

Perhaps you’re confused and anxious, or just overwhelmed with your emotions.

Well, if you’re currently struggling with what seems like an unfair dumping of cosmic PMS, might we suggest using astrology as your go-to scapegoat?

What each astrological sign is like on a date. Post continues below.

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Occurring in Virgo, the full moon will continue to heighten your emotions for the next week, but it’s not all bad news.

Writing for Forever Conscious, astrologer Tanaaz says this full moon will force you to confront those annoying problems you keep on trying to avoid.

Maybe it’s finally getting around to sorting your car registration, or having that awkward conversation with your partner – we won’t judge you on your battles.

“This super full moon is going to shine a light on things that have felt foggy or unclear. It is going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow so we can find our way forward,” she writes.

“What are you not paying attention to? What nagging signs or symptoms have you been pushing away?”

You’ll probably feel so much better for it, as well.

“March has bold, potent energy, and with this moon, big and bright in the sky, we are going to be feeling the intensities and the transformations that this month brings,” she continues.


Just like Virgos are known for their logical, practical and organised personality, you might also be feeling influenced by their ‘perfectionist nature’.

If so, think of the full moon as an emotional Marie Kondo session. However, before you get to the structured and organised goodness you crave, you’ve got to sort through that baggage and clutter you’ve kept hidden.

“This Virgo moon is a seeker of truth and will be guiding us to follow the trail of breadcrumbs so we can come to new realisations, healings, and awakenings,” writes Tanaaz.

She also adds that it’s a great time to check in with your health and wellbeing. Maybe consider a hefty dose of self-care with a journaling session thrown in for good measure.

Despite the super-sized emotions – of which you will probably be feeling many – it’s actually a great time to reflect and reassess.

Just make sure to be nice to yourself and the people around you. It’s a weird time for everyone.

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