Impulsive people beware: This week's full moon will have you saying things you regret.

Roughly every four weeks or so, the full moon rears its head and ups the ante on our emotions.

It shouldn’t surprise us – this literally happens every month – and yet we’re always left a little winded and confused.

Of course, June will be no different. This Monday, June 17 at exactly 17:50 AEST, the full moon in Sagittarius will launch a battle between you, your rational mind and all your emotions and the effects of which will linger for a days.

Zodiac-inspired makeup is a thing that exists and we can’t look away.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Speaking to Mamamia, Sydney astrologer Pia Lehmann of Soulscapesoz says our impulse to communicate will be positively buzzing, but this extra chatter isn’t a good thing.

“We have the moon together with Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruler of of Sagittarius and it’s known for excess,” says Pia, repeating the word excess three times.

“It means ‘I need more, I want more’ and everything will be over-the-top and too much.”

“However, looking at the rest of the chart, there’s a lot of opposition going on. The sun is in Gemini [click here for an explanation of Gemini season] and Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Cancer.”

For those not fluent in astrology, this means that while communication, mental activity and chatter will be rife, the emotional, feelings-over-facts nature of Cancer will be in direct opposition with Sagittarius’ straight-talking, brash and truthful-to-a-fault mentality.


Essentially, many things will be said and most of them poorly thought out, which is fantastic when emotions and sensitivities are running high.

Conclusions will be jumped to and we can expect things to look a little like this…


Or this…


And a little bit of this…


Pia says we can blame this on Sagittarius, which she describes as the “boy scout” of the zodiac, whose “gung-ho and rough shot” attitude will be increasingly felt in the days leading up to the full moon and in the two or three days after.

“There’ll be a sentiment that’s like, ‘I know it all and that my opinion is the only one,'” she says.

But to temper any bubbling outbursts, Pia recommends asking ourselves a few questions before leaping to conclusions.

“Are we listening enough? Do we actually understand? Have we got the full picture? Should we ask some more questions? Should we re-phrase something before we say it?” she says.

“There will be a lot of chatting and seeking information. A lot of activity and gossip. But you need to make sure you get more perspectives instead of forcing yours on other people.”

So please try to bite your tongue and be nice. It’s better to leave a bridge uncrossed than to burn it to a char-grilled crisp.

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