"F*ck That." This honest guided meditation is everything.

Because sometimes relaxing means dropping some much-needed F-bombs.

Feeling stressed? Life being an uncooperative dick? Bitches getting you down?

Sounds like you need some guided meditation, and only “Fuck That” guided meditation will do:

Created by comedian Jason Headley, this is pretty much better than any guided meditation ever placed into existence. For example:

“Just acknowledge that all that shit is fucking bullshit — you’re here now, in this place, with your inner stillness. Those bitches can’t get under your skin. They can’t even.”

“Breathe in strength. Breathe out bullshit.”

“And with each breath, feel your body say… ‘Fuck thaaaat.'”

Relaxation heaven:

Video via Jason Headley

Because FUCK. THAT.