"F##K it. I quit." News reporter quits live on air. Co-anchor freaks out.

Now THIS is how you go out in a blaze of glory.

Charlo Green, a news reporter in Alaska, just quit her job on live television so she could focus her efforts on legalising marijuana.

And as a final, literal ‘F-You’ to the man, she ended her broadcast by simply saying:

“Fuck it. I quit.”

The station immediately cut back to a very shocked and apologetic news anchor, but it was too late. Legendary-quitter status had already been attained:


On a serious note though, Charlo Green is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and she is trying to legalise marijuana in an attempt to prevent millions of Americans from being jailed on minor drugs charges every year. She said she quit the way she did to try and draw attention to the issue.

And with millions of hits on Youtube in just a few days, it looks like she’s certainly done that.

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