The Frozen cake disaster everyone is talking about.

We’ve all been there.

We want a special cake for our child.

We know that we are terrible at baking. We know that we even burn the toast.

So instead, we order a cake from a baker. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always arrive like the picture we showed the baker.

This is what happened to Reddit user OfficialBigHead who posted the following image on the internet. The one on the left is the inspiration. The one on the right is what they got.

Image via Reddit.

While OfficialBigHead didn't originally give too many details, they did put the caption:

"The cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived."

Turns out, the image on the left is from popular baking tutorial blogger, McGreevy Cakes, who sends her subscribers tutorials on how to make her amazing cakes.

In a blog post on 17 March 204, she speaks about making the cake for her daughter's birthday with some detailed instruction on how she got to the finished product. (You can read more here.)

McGreevy Cakes took to their Facebook page to post a comment on the "disaster Elsa" as many Reddit users referred to the cake, because as it turns out, the cake was made for a very special reason:

I'm being asked by... everyone, what I think about the recent posts/articles about my Elsa cake and another baker's Elsa cake being compared. (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're better off.)
So, I'm going to tell you what I think, though you may not love it, and then be done.
I know, guys, that no one means any harm, here. It's just that... well... this is what I think- I think someone tried. I think someone had the guts to go for it... even when, I'm sure, they didn't know if they could pull it off. They took the chance anyway and put themselves out there. And maybe it didn't come out they way they were hoping, but it's their WORK.
I look at it this way... what if it was done by one of my kiddos, or someone in my family who I love dearly? What if they really wanted to try this out, and were scared to, but decided to do it anyway, knowing they had to start somewhere? Would I be ashamed? Not in a million years.
'Cause at the end of the day, they took a risk, and instead of hiding in their safe little comfy box, they stepped out of it for a second and gave it a go. And THAT'S what I think this life is all about.

I've had epic fails. LOTS of them. Am I hoping they're never put in the spotlight for all of the world to laugh at? Yes.

So am I loving that my photo (which clearly has it's own serious faults) is being used as a comparison to someone's who decided to step out there and give it a shot?

Naw. Not really.

Again, not wanting to be harsh here guys... just wanting to keep it real.

And one of her followers replied. The baker of the cake.

Thank you so much for this post, as you most know I am the baker of the other cake . The cake was made for Icing smiles ,for a really sick little girl. Yes I know the cake looks a HOT MESS ...... BUT here is the back story ...I had just lost my grandmother I had been with my Mom all day comforting her ,I came back to work on the cake I HAD 2 hours to get it done and delivered ,I was so upset I remember asking for prayer on Facebook to get it done.

As I leave to deliver the cake it started raining cat's and dog's as I was taking the cake out of the truck the top of the box blows back and the cake get soaking wet . So the photo that was posted was after I had wiped her face with a paper towel .

Yes I've seen all the really mean comments ,some even posted by some of my so called cake friends that know it's my cake . At the end of the day ,I DIDN'T let that sick baby down l gave it all I had to give ,so make fun all me all you guy's want if that is what you need to do to feel good about yourself. I posted the photo of the cake because that is what icing smiles ask you to do . Sometimes I find being in the cake world like being In high school, most of you hide behind your computer's being bullies and you wonder why your kids are out of control. I have alot more going on in my life then cake ,my big sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer 3 days ago so the mean cake post really not a priority in my life right now . Thank you to the ones that do understand that is cake was made with all I had that day .

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