For the Mad Men obsessed……

Mad about Mad Men

I resisted Mad Men for a long time. Until I didn’t. Until I bought each series on itunes and gorged myself stupid on them.

I’ve just finished series 4 and cannot believe I will now have to wait until JULY for series 5. I have many friends who are similarly obsessed and we have been having lengthy conversations about the characters, the subtexts about feminism, sex, life in the 60s, consumerism and tobacco.

It has been suggested to me by those who are feeling similarly bereft when they got to the end of series 4 that I simply go back and start watching series 1 again “because you pick up so much more the second time”. I’m going to try it.

In the meantime, this post is dedicated to all things Mad Men. Here’s a gallery of some of the stunning fashion from the show which is enough to make you want to go out and buy a pencil skirt. Or five.

And I have some questions for discussion: what do you think about Don?

Which is the most interesting relationship (of any type) in the show? I’m going to vote for Don and Peggy. Their relationship fascinates me. It’s so complex and yet affectionate in the oddest of ways.

And which character is the most messed up? My vote goes to Betty.

There are even paper dolls of the characters that you can download and cut out yourself. Did I mention I was obsessed?

Click on each image to download the paper dolls .pdf

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