The post has been called 'the most tragic friend zone ever'. There's just one problem.

The date Daniel planned for Alex was perfect.

He had thought of everything: from flowers and dinner, to horseback riding and ice-cream, no romantic stone was left unturned.

But the date was labelled as between “friends only”.

friendzone date
This couple? They are just friends. Image via Twitter.

When Alex posted an image from her date on Instagram, complete with a caption gushing about what her "amazing friend" had done, it was branded as the most tragic 'friendzone' ever.

"You out-did yourself on this friend date, Daniel!" Alex wrote.

"You wanted to set a standard for how I should be treated and you sure set a high one. I thank God so much that He put an amazing friend like you in my life. Thank you for making me feel like a true princess!"

The Binge may have just found the best dating show on television:

The final blow was dealt when Alex added the hashtag "#stillsingletho" to the post.

As they are wont to do, the people of Twitter jumped to conclusions, assuming that Daniel had tried his hardest to woo Alex, only to be placed firmly into friend territory.


The only problem? That was 100 per cent NOT the case.

Daniel has since clarified that it was his idea from the very beginning to set the friendship boundary.

"This post is to clear up my whole 'friend' date," he wrote in a post on Instagram that was shared on Twitter.

"First off, I am the one who set these boundaries to begin with. I am also the one who made up the hashtag as a joke.

"Leading up to the day, Alex had shared with me her testimony, and because of her past relationships her self worth had diminished. She had never been treated like a lady and I wanted to show her what it was like," he wrote.

He also urged those poking fun at the 'date' to "stop the harrassment".

If only we all had a friend like Daniel.