The situations that caused the breakup of a friendship.

What would it take for you to give up on a friend in an instant?

We all have our friendship dealbreakers – whether it be lying, cheating, talking about you behind your back, or worse.

Reddit users were recently asked to share their own friendship dealbreakers and anecdotes about a time when they walked away from a friendship without ever looking back.

And the commenters did not hold back.

From garden-variety backstabbing to criminal activity, here’s some of the most fascinating responses:

Nihilistka_Alex wrote: “She said, ‘I’m sorry, but I have my own issues to worry about’ after I told her my father had just died unexpectedly.”

Another user shared: “I stopped him and another friend from taking advantage of a underaged girl who was passed out. Things ended up getting physical between me and them and I walked out of their house after getting the girl back to a safe place. Haven’t seen them since and never hope to.”

trytryagainn added: “She accidentally emailed me when she meant to email someone else. In the email, she was talking sh*t about me. I deleted it, cried, never talked to her again.”

 SeductivePillowcase said: “Found out that a couple of friends of mine had a secret hobby they were keeping behind my back. They were basically pretending to be interested in depressed, insecure girls who were depressed and overweight with acne so they would send them nudes and then turn around and embarrass and humiliate them.”
thirdpenguin simple wrote: “He tried to get my mum to send him nudes.”

moghol added: “My best friend in high school got mad when I didn’t take him along with me to a date. When I told him that would just be weird we got into a fight and he said ‘Yeah but we’re friends, friends do things together’ and tried to insist that it’s a normal thing friends do.”

And clumsyninja777 shared: “My ‘best friend‘ of 2 years began making racist comments to me about myself and my family out of the blue and refused to acknowledge that she had done anything wrong.”


Safe to say, bullet dodged.

What situation caused you to end a friendship?