The creepy detail in Friends you've probably never ever noticed. 

Every now and then (slash not very often at all), a story about a teeny tiny detail in an episode of TV comes along that makes us think: “Good lord some people have incredible eyesight.”

Today is one of those days.

An almost worryingly eagle-eyed Friends fan has spied the most minuscule of details in an episode of the beloved sitcom that has us concerned for how close they must be sitting to the screen. Didn’t their mothers ever warn them against square eyes?

Regardless – now that they’ve pointed it out, we can never unsee it.

Sharing they “noticed something odd” while watching the season four episode ‘The One With Rachel’s New Dress’ on Reddit, the poster has sufficiently blown minds and freaked people the hell out.

It’s the episode where Rachel tries to plan a romantic dinner date with Joshua when things go pear-shaped.

His parents show up. She’s wearing a slinky piece of lingerie that she tries to pass off as a dress (which tbh, would totally work now), and awkwardness ensues.

Here it is for your throwback viewing pleasure:

Video by Friends

But there was something super creepy going on in the background of this scene that we never would have noticed, and the production team probably thought they got away with, given it aired over 20 years ago.

The statue behind them appears to be possessed.


Check it out:

Normal statue. Image: Youtube.
DEMON STATUE. Image: Youtube.

In one snippet, the eyes of the statue behind them appear to light up red and we can only assume ghosts, aliens or the devil are involved.

And nope.

No thanks.