Friends replaced Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox and no one noticed.

Friends ended 11 years ago.

Jennifer Aniston is married to Justin Theroux; Matt LeBlanc is a silver fox; and Courteney Cox’s face doesn’t look the same anymore.

Still, we cannot let it go.

From questioning Ross’s parenting skills to ‘where-are-they-now’s on everyone from Ross’s monkey Marcel (actually a female, named Katie, and she’s fine, thanks) to he and Rachel’s daughter Emma (twins called Noelle and Cali Sheldon, also fine), it’s been The One That Won’t Die since they closed that damn apartment door for the last night.

Won’t you let them rest in peace?

The latest story which we feel compelled to tell you is that sometimes, SOMETIMES, stand-ins took the places of the actors.

I am shocked and appalled.

Watch it happening… Post continues after video.

Video via Warner Bros

Yes, it’s true. Some eagle-eyed fan noticed that in the episode The One with the Mugging in season nine, Rachel is seen chatting with Joey about an audition.

He then turns to speak to Monica, who is off-screen, and suddenly a woman can be seen where Rachel should be, but it’s not Jennifer Aniston.

Rachel and Joey. So far so normal.

It’s definitely not.

This woman is not Rachel. She is not even wearing the same shirt.

In another stand-in fail, Phoebe and Monica have a discussion in Central Perk in The One With Rachel’s Date. When the camera cuts to Phoebe talking to Monica, the profile of a woman can be seen — a woman who is definitely not Monica.

Phoebe chats with Monica…
Wait a second! That’s not Monica!


I hope this hasn’t ruined the magic of television for you and that you can continue to watch all 236 episodes over and over again with as much pleasure as before this sickening betrayal of our trust was brought to light.