A very strange link between 'Friends' and 'Home Alone' has emerged.

What do a 1990 Christmas classic about a resourceful child with neglectful parents and a 2004 sitcom about a six pals who don’t seem to work much but live in huge New York apartments have in common?

Aside from the fact that they were (wait, are!) both hugely popular, that is.

Well, it’s taken 12 years for anyone to notice, but the house Monica and Chandler buy in “Westchester County, New York” in the final season of Friends is actually… wait for it…

…the same one the Chicago-based McCallister family lived in in Home Alone!


The eagle-eyed folks at Production company 22 Vision made the discovery, which they shared with fans via YouTube.

The evidence…

Okay, so the interior might not be the same – note the distinct lack of expertly laid booby traps in the Friends version.

But if you look out the window, you’ll notice the same blue house across the street, a house Home Alone fans will recognise as belonging to Mitch Murphy’s family.

There’s the garage:

friends home alone house
The Murphy's home in Home Alone and... the view out the Bing's window. Image: 22 Vision.

And, note the wreath on the door.

Joey practically pointed it out... Images: 22 Vision.

That's because the team behind Friends dug up the same stock footage for their exterior shots.

To confirm their hypothesis, 22 Vision reportedly managed to track down the owners of the home, which is in Winnetka, Illanois. And yes, they confirmed it's the same one.

Take that to your next trivia night, people.

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