The seven weirdest storylines from Friends that we will never, ever forget.

Even if it hadn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year, Friends was always there to make you laugh after a long day of work or school.

While the six friends behind the sitcom shared some hilarious adventures navigating adulthood, relationships and working life, there’s no doubt that sometimes the story lines could be a little bit... weird. 

From family incest, to animal porn and fake foreskins, the writers sometimes got a little too imaginative when coming up with episodes for the show’s 10 seasons.

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

During a 25th anniversary panel of Friends at the Tribeca TV Festival, co-creator Marta Kauffman revealed the plot lines she has since come to regret.

"The stalker," she said. "We did a lot of rewriting on that to make that work."

The episode Kauffman was referring to was from season three, where Phoebe ends up falling for her twin sister’s stalker, Malcolm.


Kauffman also wasn’t too crazy about the plot line from a season two episode where Phoebe gets the chickenpox and gives them to Ryan from the navy, who was played by Charlie Sheen.

The show’s other co-creator David Crane also spoke out about some of the questionable plot lines.

"It’s one of those things where, I don’t watch the show at home, but occasionally if we’re travelling or whatever, it will be on and sometimes I’ll see something... and it will be like, 'Wow, that actually holds up', and then there are definitely times where I’ll go, 'Really? We went with that?'" he said.

In honour of the show’s reunion, we decided to have a look back at the seven weirdest story lines that we sort of just accepted watching the show the first time around.

That time Ross wanted to sleep with his cousin Cassie.

There’s no sugar coating it, this was by far the most bizarre and twisted plot line of them all. In season seven, Monica and Ross’s cousin Cassie, played by Denise Richards, comes to visit.

Undeniably a very beautiful woman, Chandler and Phoebe instantly became attracted to her. But then the writers decided to take it one giant unnecessary step further and have Ross try to sleep with his cousin.

When Cassie is staying with Ross, the two start talking about their summer on the beach and Ross tries to control his desires for his cousin. Things then get extremely awkward when Ross thinks his feelings for Cassie are reciprocated and leans in for a kiss, which she obviously rejects.

To top it all off the writers gave Ross a pretty lousy excuse, telling Cassie he hadn’t had sex in a very long time.



That time Monica found out her first ever kiss was with her brother.

There’s no closer sibling bond on the show than Ross and Monica’s, but in season 10 their relationship got a little too close. And it was just... disturbing.

In the episode 'The One Where the Stripper Cries', Ross gets mad at Chandler for kissing Rachel the same night he kissed Rachel for the very first time. Only it wasn’t Rachel.

After Monica passed out on her brother’s bed in college, Ross mistakes Monica for Rachel in the darkroom and kisses her on the lips.

Monica, hearing the story, realises her "midnight mystery kisser" and first kiss ever was actually her brother Ross.

And after all this time, it still grosses us out.


That time Monica caught Chandler watching shark porn.

Who can forget the time Chandler is 'caught' watching shark porn, of all things.

When Chandler has to work in Tulsa, Monica decides to surprise her husband by visiting him in his hotel room. Only Chandler is watching porn and when Monica opens the door, he quickly switches the channel and a movie about sharks starts to play.

Monica’s brain immediately goes to one thing. Shark fetish.

The episode then gets really cringey when Monica tries to arouse Chandler by watching a shark movie with him back at home.

Clearly by season nine, the writers' pool of story ideas was really drying up.


That time Monica made Joey a foreskin out of luncheon meat.

Back in the episode, 'The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin', Joey auditions for a movie where he plays a Jewish man who shares a love scene with a girl named Sarah. The only problem was that Joey was, erm, missing something that would make him anatomically appear Jewish.

To solve his problem, he turns to his friend Monica to fashion a device he can wear when they film the movie.

Monica attempts to mould something using silly putty, pink suede, fruit roll-ups and then luncheon meat, but the device eventually falls off right in the middle of Joey’s audition.

According to Digital Spy, the writers were so hung up on this plot line they originally planned for it to air in season two, but the network considered it to be too tasteless and they ended up waiting to add it in season seven.

Why they felt so attached to this unorthodox story line, we will never know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That time Ross became a little too possessive over a sandwich.

In season five, things weren’t looking so great for Ross. He was evicted from his apartment and he had an impending divorce hanging over his head. But the thing that led him to spiral into a nervous breakdown was... a sandwich.


And it wasn’t just any sandwich. No, it was Monica’s leftover thanksgiving day sandwich with a gravy soaked moist maker in the middle.

When someone at his work ate his first sandwich, Ross decides to write a threatening note to protect his second sandwich from being eaten.

But the note doesn’t end up stopping his boss from ‘accidentally’ eating his sandwich and even throwing some of it away in the bin.

When Ross finds out he furiously screams in his boss' face, leading to him having to take leave from work.

While it was humorous to watch, it was a bizarre plot line to give Ross who, at the time, really just needed a pick me up.

That time Monica dated her dad’s best friend Richard and then kissed his son.

Monica’s off-again and on-again relationship with Richard had us feeling all the feels, but that doesn’t change the fact that Monica’s love affair with her dad’s best friend wasn’t just plain weird.

We first met Richard, played by Tom Selleck, in season two when Monica admits that she finds Dr. Burke, the guy who’s pool she used to pee in as a kid, to be sexy.

We later find out that Richard is a grandfather and his daughter, Michelle, used to be Monica’s friend in high school.

At first it was a little odd to watch, but the pair eventually ended their relationship because of the age difference and the fact the Monica wanted to have kids.

But then the writers decided to turn up the weirdness a whole notch and have Monica develop a crush for Richard’s son Timothy.

The fact that Monica kissed Timothy AFTER she slept with his dad is just too much.


That time Phoebe gave birth to her brother’s babies.

When Phoebe became the surrogate mother to her brother’s triplets, the show’s writers were definitely flirting with the incest line.

After an interesting pregnancy where Phoebe openly told people that she was carrying her brother’s babies, Phoebe eventually gave birth to Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie and little Chandler in the season five episode titled 'The One Hundredth' and the triplets were never meant to know. That is until older Chandler accidentally revealed it to the kids in the coffee shop.

While it might of been an entertaining and wholesome story line about sibling love, we can’t help thinking how bizarre the idea most of seemed when the writers first came up with and what on earth compelled the producers to go with it.

What plot line from Friends did you find the weirdest? Tell us in the comments below.