Friends of the Aussies who gang-raped a teenager in Croatia defend them on social media, saying #istandwiththeboys.

The disgraced Melburnians who gang-raped a teenager at a Croatian nightclub are ‘great blokes’, who were extorted by an underage “slut” after she lured them into a money trap, according to their friends.

Supporters of self-confessed rapists Dylan Djohan, 23, Ashwin Kumar, 23, and Waleed Latif, 21, have taken to social media to defend them and attack their victim, a 17-year-old Norwegian girl, using the hashtag ‘#istandwiththeboys’.

dylan djohn facebook
Djohan. Image via Social Media.

The trio returned to Melbourne this week after their controversial case was finalised when they pleaded guilty to raping the backpacker in a Split nightclub last July, in a deal that saw them pay the victim $30,000 to secure their freedom.

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According to News Limited, one friend on the men posted this offensive message of support Facebook last night: “Weird 17 yr old at a nightclub, underage to me if thats the rule in Croatian clubs, no witnesses even locals there heard of nothing, its simple 1. its called being a sl*t, lying about her age 2. Baited for payout 3. A girl could not possibility out muscle 3 men. 4. Most cased the victim gets bashed or killed neither happen 5. She knew what she was getting herself into….Extortion is the word. #istandwiththeboys (sic)”

The post received more than 20 likes within the hour, with another friend adding the comment, “The 3 best blokes and most genuine people you would ever meet!”


The Daily Mail reports further comments on the rapists’ social media accounts, which have since been deleted, included: “They didn’t do it… straight up extortion. That little b**** just wanted money.”

Despite rape carrying a maximum penalty of 15 years’ jail in Croatia, the trio forked out little more than $10,000 each to their victim and received a five-year good behaviour bond, which is not enforceable in Australia.

The rape occurred in July 2015 when police say the men sat drinking at a bar overlooking the ocean and plotted to assault the woman.

Dylan Djohan instagram
Dylan Djohan. Image via social media.

One of the three forcibly pulled her into a nightclub bathroom. The two other men followed, and the three of them raped the woman.

In their defence, two of the men originally said they had consensual sex with the woman, and one said he was not involved. But investigators found three semen samples on the woman’s clothes.

The trio, who were on bail and free to roam Croatia, had their passports returned to them and are now back in Australia.

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