Friends with benefits: We finally know how much money Joey owes Chandler.

We’ve ALWAYS wondered. And now we know.

If, like me, your ultimate Saturday night involves a couch and some Friends re-runs, you’ll have asked yourself this question a hundred times. Chandler’s lending money to Joey AGAIN? Why doesn’t Joey pay for his own headshots? Chander’s footing the bill for Joey letting all their furniture get stolen? How much money does Joey owe him now? 

Wonder no more. A conscientious fan on social media site, Reddit has the answer – and now everyone can have some peace of mind.

Everyone except Joey, that is. Because it turns out that Joey owes Chandler quite a lot of money.

Here’s how it breaks down:

A Manhattan apartment in the 90s would cost about $3,500 a month. Assuming Chandler paid for Joey’s rent the whole time they lived together (and let’s face it, Joey worked on a show called Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E, so he wasn’t bringing in the big bucks), Joey already owes Chandler a whopping $63,000. 

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Factor in the amount Joey eats, and the fact that Chandler always seems to foot the bill, and we’re looking at another $5,200 annually for groceries. Add $15 a week in coffee, $100 on pizza and takeout, and $50 a week for Joey’s dates, and the total cost for three years of food comes to $45, 240. 

And what about those headshots? At $500 a pop, that’s $1000. Joey’s half of the phone and cable bill would come to $35 a month, or $1620. In season 6, Chandler references the fact that Joey owes him another $3400. And the cost of replacing that stolen furniture? $5500. 

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The grand total?


Now, only one question remains: Could that be any more money?