The funniest Friends blooper that made the cast lose it.

Everyone’s favourite show from the 90s – Friends – always had the audience in stitches. But it seems it had the cast in stitches behind the scenes too. The he cast had many good laughs at their own expense.

One particularly funny scene from season seven saw the cast lose it on set while the cameras were still rolling. They couldn’t control themselves. It was the episode called, The one with Joey’s new brain. There is a scene where Ross plays bagpipes while Phoebe sings along.

WATCH the video below. Post continues after video… 

Video via NBC

The bagpipe blooper has been going viral on the internet. It seems that many missed the behind the scenes outtake.

It’s good to see the cast enjoying their own show as much as the viewers.

Do you remember the hilarious blooper?

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