'My friends are attending the wedding of my cheating ex-husband.'

A frustrated mother has turned to the anonymous parenting forums of mumsnet to share the fact her friends are attending the wedding of her ex-husband.

The mother-of-two told readers he was marrying the woman who had ended their marriage.

“He is marrying the woman who he had an affair with when we were married. This isn’t the issue,” she wrote.

“As far as I’m concerned she is more than welcome to him.”


The woman explained she was upset with his decision to invite two of her closest friends to the ceremony.

“The issue is that he has invited two friends of mine to the wedding. These happen to be two of my closest friends who saw me at my weakest and most broken-hearted when he first left me,” she wrote.

“He treated me very badly both in our marriage and for a while afterwards and they were there through it all.”

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The frustrated mum explained the two guests had previously been mutual friends of theirs but had only just reconnected with him.

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The post ended with a request that readers weigh in on whether she had a right to be upset or if she was simply over-reacting.

“If they go I think they are shitbags, unless they can see how much better off you are now and don’t think it’s a big deal,” one reader wrote.

“That would be too much for me too if I’m honest. An amicable split is one thing but having an affair and leaving you is awful. I wouldn’t want my friends going to the wedding with the ‘other woman’ either,” wrote another.

The woman is yet to confirm if the wedding has happened and whether her friends attended.


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