6 things every grown woman should have in her fridge.

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As a uni student my fridge contained a six-pack of Vodka Cruisers, questionable smelling milk and leftover takeaway pizza. Fast forward 15 years and my fridge has undergone a makeover.

It’s now stocked with a variety of grown-up products, some of which get eaten and some of which end up thrown out because my grandiose culinary ambitions never quite get realised. Yes, many of the items weighing down my fridge shelves I could live without but there are a few staples that are absolute must-haves as I attempt to navigate this thing called adulthood.

1. Wine.

After a stressful day in the office or a tantrum-filled day of kid wrangling, there is nothing better than collapsing on the couch to watch trash TV with a glass of wine or a sneaky champers. Wine time is my favourite time of the day, it means I’ve managed to keep the kids alive and not get fired for another 24 hours so I give myself a high five and crack open a bottle of quality sauv.

"I give myself a high five and crack open a bottle of quality sauv." Image: iStock.

2. Body spritzer.

I certainly don’t bounce back from a big night like I used to. If wine time gets extra festive or a girl’s night out sees me Ubering home after midnight, a spritz of mineral water body spray usually helps me feel more human in the morning. Keeping my spray in the fridge makes it extra refreshing when I generously drench my eye bags, crows feet and PMS chin zits.


3. Pesto.

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered spending two hours creating a nutrient-dense dinner only to have my three-year-old spit it out with a look of disgust normally reserved for his baby brother’s bath turds. On those occasions I boil some pasta, stir through some premade pesto and watch my fussy rugrats mow it down with wild abandon.

"Stir through some premade pesto and watch my fussy rugrats mow it down." Image: iStock.

4. Nuts.

As a chocoholic who turns into a narcoleptic sugar fiend at 3pm most arvos, I’ve found snacking on nuts can help with any unhealthy cravings and keep my BMI out of the danger zone. I also love adding slivered almonds to my Bircher muesli, roasted pine nuts or pecans to salads and topping stir-fries with cashews. There’s nothing sadder than a shrivelled chewy almond so I keep them in the fridge to preserve their crunch.

5. Yoghurt.

To ensure I have the recommended three serves of dairy per day, I always have a tub of Yoplait yoghurt in the fridge that I can eat on its own or blend into a yummy breakfast smoothie. It’s a simple way to get a good dose of calcium and protein without having to go to much effort during the morning rush of packing childcare bags, fixing smudged mascara and trying to find a hairstyle that hides the grease and greys.

fridge staples

 "I always have a tub of Yoplait yoghurt in the fridge." Image: supplied.

6. Freeze-dried coffee.

I bought one of those fancy coffee machines but I can never remember to buy the overpriced pods, so instant coffee has the momentous task of waking me up until I can get to my local café for a double shot long back. My mum always kept it in the fridge so that’s where I store mine. Despite her lies about Santa, the healing benefits of Eno and her reference to a family friend suffering from “Old Timer’s disease,” I miraculously still trust her.

While these certainly aren’t the only fridge must-haves I think they’re a pretty good selection for anyone attempting to succeed at adulthood. Fresh fruit and veggies are obviously a must along with a selection of meat for those whose partners think vegetarian meals are a passive aggressive form of punishment. And if you feel the need to relive your youth with a six-pack of luminous coloured premix, just hide it behind the kale, because let’s face it, no one’s eating that.

What are some of your fridge staples?