Why last night, Friday the 13th, was the 'unluckiest' night of the year.

According to Pastor Paul Begley, an evangelist from Indiana, last night’s partial solar eclipse inspired some… demonic forces, says Express

As the moon passed in front of the sun, the Pastor revealed (in a one hour, 54 minute long sermon) that the eclipse over Tasmania, Australia, and Antarctica would be particularly dangerous.

“You’ve heard of the Tasmanian Devil, well demonic forces will be at play because this is a Friday the 13th partial solar eclipse,” the Pastor said.

“Well I’m telling you the demon forces will be out on Friday the 13th.”

“It’s also a very high Satanic ritual day.”

Pastor Paul Begley is a well-known conspiracy theorist, and recently called the devastating floods in Japan “Apocalyptic Weather” on Twitter.

According to National Geographic, a partial eclipse occurring on Friday the 13th hasn’t happened in 44 years, and the next one won’t be until 2080. The publication also shared that due to the close proximity to Earth, last night’s moon was, in fact, a supermoon.

While Pastor Paul Begley’s prophecies are, ergh, convincing… considering it is now Saturday the 14th and the eclipse passed without any known harm, he may have missed the mark with his conspiracy this time.

But that’s okay, because the theorist has also said that the Blood Moon that will occur on July 27 could be the end, since it is apparently discussed in the Biblical Book of Joel, Book of Revelation and Acts, so we can all remain calm and see if his theory comes to light next time.

According to Right Wing Watch, Pastor Paul Begley claimed in the past that if Hillary Clinton were elected as the President of the United States, she would have handed control of the United States over to the Illuminati… He has also claimed that Melania Trump ordered the White House to be “completely exorcised” of demons before she moved in. So I suppose we shouldn’t take his words too seriously.

In an episode of Mamamia Out Loud last month, Lynette Arkadie, who runs My Energy Mentor explained what a supermoon really means for us all.

Apparently, when the moon is really close, it pulls magnetically on all the energies of the earth – including us.

“Essentially what we are is energy on the outside and we’re a current as well and we’re a physical body so what happens is when this energy is in its place at the moment, it takes us around in an orbit to our own shadow,” Lynette explained.

“That’s why we’re crying, that’s why we’re going back over old things, it’s a very deep time where we process a lot of internal things that we thought we’d packaged away.”

Lynette explained that the time of the supermoon is a powerful time and a time to expect great change.

Stay safe out there.

Mamamia Out Loud discuss the supermoon and why it’s messing with our moods. 

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