Megan Gale... Oh no you didn't.

This model has just given us complete access to her furry friend’s life.

Megan Gale has joined the ranks of people who think their dogs are human.

Yes, she’s given her dog an Instagram account.

The announcement on Megan's Instagram page.

Like many before her, Who's Sexiest Woman of 2014 created an Instagram account for her pooch, cleverly titled The_Real_Bosco. Not sure how many fake Bosco accounts there were before this, but we're glad she's cleared up the confusion by telling us who the real Bosco is.

Bosco's first post. Image via Instagram @the_real_bosco

The mother-of-one announced the exciting news on her Instagram account.

Bosco. Image via Instagram @the_real_bosco

We're not quite sure what type of photos to expect from Bosco. But judging by the first two pics he's uploaded, whatever comes next is sure to be cute.

Click through our gallery below for photos of Bosco. 

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