What we're all thinking when we look at this photo of a pantless woman on safari.


So, it seems pantless photoshoots are becoming a thing and our verdict is nah.

Firstly: we don’t understand what you are selling. Vagina tans?

Mamamia Reviews: The Viral Bikini Bottom. Post continues after video.

The latest terrifying trend for women with vaginas comes straight from the vastly unattainable cover of French Vogue, featuring a woman on safari without… pants.

We feel like a pantless safari is a bad idea not only because lions but because rough terrain and also dirt.

Cop an eyeful below:


… The idea that this woman’s bare vagina is in direct contact with a grimy car seat in this image is very concerning.

It’s a look touted as a “love letter to the first sunny days of the year where the promise of the coming summer begins to break through the winter clouds”.

While we totally understand that time of year when you want to dress slutty but the threat of catching the flu still lurks, we can’t say we’ve ever had the desire to walk around with our vulvas in the sun.

Imagine the sunburn.

Not only are we terrified by the idea of a pantless tour through the depths of the wild, the seasonal clothing choices in this photoshoot are very confusing.

The cable-knit jumper suggests it’s a chilly day in Africa, but the straw hat says otherwise. The high knee socks, on the other hand, evoke soccer game but in all the sports and weather-related confusion it seems this poor lady just forgot her pants.

It’s the nightmare we’ve all had come true.

While we truly salute this woman braving a rickety safari car sans-knickers we strongly suggest you DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Pants are definitely recommended in the wild.

No, really – even Tarzan wore a loincloth.

The only place we could really see this outfit working is at a dinner party where you don’t… stand up  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.