French fire-fighters have released a calendar. Merry Christmas.


Every so often, we are given an inexplicably wonderful gift.

This year, it is the gift of French firefighters in a 2016 calendar.

They are attractive. There are striking poses with firefighting equipment.

Photographer Fred Goudon has not strayed from the well-used sexy calendar formula that he has worked for so long, and for that, we are grateful.


french firefighter calendar
Source: Fred Goudon Blogspot.

So, obviously, this calendar has sexy men casually standing with their shirts draped over their shoulders. Surely this is a huge fire hazard, I hear you ask?

Well I say to you, shhh. Shhh.

It also has a naked man showering. Which has nothing to do with firefighting, and is wonderful for that reason alone.

Source: Fred Goudon Blogspot and Facebook/Pompiers Sans Frontières

It has firefighters cheering on another firefighter who successfully climbed a rope half-naked and half-naked firefighters going for a casual stroll in a line.

It has half-naked firefighters walking at a different location with other half-naked firefighters, and firefighters helping their half-naked friend up a pole.

Source: Facebook/Pompiers Sans Frontières and Fred Goudon.

It has men flexing and staring at walls pensively. Half-naked.

french firefighter calendar
Source: Fred Goudon Blogspot

And because it’s difficult to capture the act of men undressing in photo form, it also has a teaser trailer that shows the behind-the-scenes making of the photoshoot.


The best thing about this calendar though is that its proceeds go to Pompier Sans Frontieres, an international NGO that provides aid to vulnerable populations.

So if you buy this calendar, you can boast about how good a person you are to those around you.

Facebook/Pompiers Sans Frontières

Merry Christmas, one and all.

For more pictures of attractive people, go to Fred Goudon’s blog or website.

You can buy the calendar from Pompier Sans Frontieres for yourself here.