This clever little tool actually makes you smarter while you're having your morning coffee.


I’ve shaved my legs, I’ve washed my hair, I’ve applied moisturiser to my elbows, I paid my gas bill, and I matched all the plastic containers in my cupboard to their lids.

Yep. I’m pretty f**king wild. YOLO.

Jks. It’s probably the reason I have no friends. Anyway, point is, right now, I”M ON A BIG ARSE SPRING CLEAN of my life. This is all a giant joke to everyone I work with because every week I bowl into the podcast studio with another tool, app, or philosophy for self-improvement. I’m eternally braced for my TED-talk moment;  I’m the Michelle Bridges of the office. It makes me deeply unpopular when I suggest squats in meetings.

So far this year, I’ve dived deep on the Fitbit, Garmin watch, Meditation app, Sleep app, money saving app, vitamin stashes,  and the 60-second rule. I’ve re-read Dale Carnegie’s bestselling book and I listen to Gretchin Rubin’s Happier podcast like it’s a religious experience.

Here’s the 60-second rule in case you missed it. Life. Changing.

And THIS WEEK I found this thing on the internet that I’m currently obsessed with, and I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but IT IS GREAT.

It’s called Highbrow and it’s short courses that get emailed to you every day, and they are broken down into five minute lessons so you can just knock them over in the morning before you start dicking around on Instagram.

All the courses are ten days long, so you don’t get bored.




Courses like:


Go do it! (Was that persuasive? I should do that course next).

Now I just need one that is “How to make friends when you spend your weekend matching up Tupperware.”

Anyway, it’s just one of the recommendations from this week’s Mamamia Out Loud. That’s our podcast for smart women. It’s the news of the week, a bit of pop culture, helpful recommendations, and what you should be reading, watching, and listening to. Subscribe in iTunes or listen here: