SEX DIARIES: 'I had video sex with a stranger I met online. It was the sexiest call of my life.'

“Say when,” the message flashed across the screen as my mobile buzzed to life beside me on the sofa. 

After such a busy day, I’d completely forgotten that I had an important phone call penned in. 

“Just popping in the shower,” I fired back, before sending a photo of myself in front of my full-length mirror. 

I was completely naked, except for my fluffy pink slippers, with one hand gently draped across my breasts. 

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“Ready in a minute,” he replied with a photo from the shower. 

It showed his dripping wet chest and well-defined pecs. 

Below, his hand covered his cock, with just a hint of what I could expect later. 

Within five minutes my mobile lit up once again. 

This time, he was standing before his own bedroom mirror. And nothing was hidden. Except his face.

Feeling turned on, I got into bed and turned off the light. 

I’d never done this with a stranger before. It felt naughty and perverted.

But that just made it all the more exciting.

An incoming video call from a number I didn't know... I didn't even know this stranger's real name. 

I answered the phone with trepidation.

Suddenly the face of a blonde, tanned and very sexy man filled my screen, with a foreign accent that I couldn’t quite place. 

It felt almost like a virtual first date, if we weren’t both lying there without any clothes on.

With all the politeness of meeting someone for the very first time, we chatted about our days and what we’d been up to.

Then finally I addressed the elephant on the line. 

“So, have you done this before,” I whispered into the dark, “with someone you’ve only spoken to on a dating app?”

He hadn’t, but the conversation was like foreplay, and I was already getting excited. 

But how to take things up a notch?

“Oh, I thought this may help,” I remarked, as I pulled my new toy – a ‘clit sucker’ – out of my bedside table. 


Flicking the switch, it vibrated to life, and I showed him how it worked. 

“So have you had any adventures lately?” I asked him with a purr. 

“Not really,” he replied, “how about you?”

“Well,” I started, while angling the camera down my naked chest, exposing my bare breasts and pert nipples.

“There was this one time my f**k buddy, and I invited someone else to join us.”

Within the iPhone’s lens, I slid my toy down my body, until it sat above my clitoris. 

On my screen, he panned his camera towards his cock, as his hand slowly and tightly began to pump up and down. 

His penis looked perfect, and on the bed I withered, clenching my pelvic muscles and dreaming of slipping my mouth over it. 

Turning on my side, I propped the phone against a pillow, as the light illuminated my body in full and I continued with my story. 

“By the time I’d lost strip poker, I asked both boys to sit on the couch,” I uttered into the phone, “and then I took turns sucking them off.” 

Pushing the clit toy onto myself, I looked into the screen. 

Now silent and fully focused on what I was saying, I could tell he was really getting into it. 

I kept going. 

“Will was in my mouth when he asked Aaron to f**k me from behind,” I said with a smile as I painted the picture for him, conjuring up images of two men sharing me. 

The memory was turning me on more than ever, as my clit sucker took over and I started to lose control. 

Flipping onto my back, I hovered the camera above my body, taking every inch in. 

His phone shook as he continued to play with himself, alternating the frame from his face to his dick.

As he pulled at it, harder and harder, I got closer and closer while my heart accelerated. I was panting. 

Guiding my iPhone down to my vagina, he sped up, getting faster with every moan that escaped me. 

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My words had stopped, as my groans grew louder, and I let him know I was almost there. 

Suddenly I let go, pleasure radiating through my body as my orgasm cascaded out. 

My screams filled the microphone as he climaxed too, watching me grab myself, nipples pinched underneath my fingers, with a wide-open mouth.

His hot white substance flowed out of his penis as he released himself. 

With a laugh and some light pillow talk, I pulled the covers over my body and then we hung up. 

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