Michelle Bridges shared her quickie workout for those of us who are time poor (that's everyone).

Costs nothing: delivers results.

Fitness expert Michelle Bridges has shared an equipment-free workout that is guaranteed to get your blood pumping for zero dollars.

Bridges posted the program to her Instagram with a little insight into her own motivation-free morning.

“Tough night, lots of broken sleep, I wanted to stay in bed, but thanks to the crew I dragged my sorry butt down to the park for this one!” she wrote.

The workout requires users to walk to their local park carrying a 15kg dumbell. If you don’t have that… I imagine a small child, medium-sized dog or bulk-buy pack of water should suffice.

The program balances cardio and weight training with a bit of full-body resistance.


If you’re wondering what ‘AMRAP’ means it’s an acronym for: As Many Rounds As Possible.

So my AMRAP would be NMRAAA: Not Many Rounds At All Actually.

Watch as Bridges takes a moment to chat to us about her post-baby body…

Bridges said the workout turned her poor mood into one wholly positive.

“As tired as I am, it was the BEST medicine, for my body and my MIND! Now “they” get the best of me rather than the “woe” is me. Win-win.”

Bridges isn't one to just talk the talk... Source: Instagram.

Bridges' followers were delighted to be given a sneaky freebie to shake up their regular routine.

"The days I most need to workout are the days I least feel like it. Then I go from feeling tired and flat to feeling energised and invincible," one user said.

"Love this workout," another user said.

Workouts that only require an open space and a bit of motivation have become widely popular in recent years.

Sam Wood's 28 Days program is another workout that encourages participants to use their own bodies and everyday items like soup cans to build resistance.

What are you waiting for? Get out there!