Some of our favourite apps that usually cost money are now free. FREE.

We all love a good app


I love a decent app. By filling my phone with the very best ones, I literally have a solution for every single problem.

Need to make an Instagram photo look pretty? Done.

Need to organise my life? Fine.

Need to track my run? Sorted.

Need to entertain a 5-year-old while we wait in a loooong line at the doctor? No worries.

The only problem? The best apps generally cost money. Money that I can’t afford to be forking out.

Luckily, Amazon appeared to be listening when I cried over the tiny numbers in my bank account this week. They’ve released the Amazon Appstore, which is an appstore specifically for Android users (see, Android people? Not getting left out this time). The app is free to download onto any Android phone or tablet.

“A free app? Big deal,” you’re probably thinking. “There are a lot of free apps in this world.”

I know there are. But it’s the paid apps that you want. And the thing is – Amazon’s free app, in turn, brings you a whole lot of free apps that you can access every single day. It’s a never-ending world of free app goodness.

To explain: every day, the Amazon Appstore has a paid app available for free. You can download these apps directly onto your phone, and if you don’t like it, you just delete it. No money lost on purchasing outright or having to fork out for the upgrade.

Since these apps are set to be worth at least $0.99 each, you’re getting over $360 worth of apps for free per year. And that’s pretty damn good.

Every so often, Amazon also does this excellent bonus thing where they give you a Free App of the Day Bundle – that is, they throw in a whole lot of free apps which are originally really high in value, and pass them over to you. No monies involved.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Amazon Appstore for Android. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in her own words.

At the moment, they’ve got the Top Paid Apps promotion running – which is literally a bundle of the appstore’s most popular apps. There’s over $175 worth of our favourite apps available to download. For FREE. ( (I have to stop writing “free” or you might get sick of the word. Wait, who am I kidding? Everyone loves free things. Everyone.)

Another bonus? There are no dodgy apps getting thrown your way. Every single app in the appstore has been tested and checked, to avoid any inappropriate content or scams.

The app itself is also safe to download. So even though you’ll need to change the settings on your Android device to allow downloads from Unknown Sources (go here for directions if you have no idea what I’m talking about), it’s just because the app isn’t a Google Play app. It’s still perfectly okay to have on your phone or tablet.

Here are some of the apps I’ve downloaded from the current Top Paid apps promotion (you can grab them too, but be quick – this particular promotion only lasts from the 30th October until November 1).


1. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO (worth: $5.49).

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes (ok, often) need a bit of motivation when it comes to exercise. That’s why this app is so brilliant – you can analyse your data, track your routes and progress, record stats and share your workouts. The best part? You can interact and compete with people all around the world and receive (and send) real-time audio pep talks from.

2. XnInstant Camera Pro (worth $1.30).

Bit of a selfie addict? This app will be your new best friend. It lets you take awesome, vintage-style photos and comes with heaps of professional real-time filters. You can take multiple photos in a row at events which is great for parties with your friends.

3. CarbsControl (worth $3.35).

Trying to keep track of your diet? Me too. The CarbsControl app has info on 80,000 foods, 300 restaurants and 500 specific brands, so I always know exactly where I stand with my carbs for the day. It helps me stick to my carb goals even when I’m eating out.

4. Devil’s Attorney (worth $2.12).

I couldn’t resist downloading Devil’s Attorney because it is as wacky as it is fun. The game is set in the 80s and you play charming but unethical defense attorney Max McMann. The challenge is to free all of your clients and use the money you earn to buy accessories and new furniture for your apartment. Greed is good, people.

What app can’t you live without?

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