The coffee scrub that's an Instagram sensation.

Images via Instagram

He’s dark, smells delicious and without being too forward, wants to get naked with you.

Ladies, meet Frank.

He’s Instagram’s latest superstar with a cult following of his own “babes” (over 591,000 to be exact) all devoted to getting dirty with him in the shower. Nope, I’m not talking about Hollywoods latest export. I’m talking about a body scrub.

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Hailing from Melbourne, Frank is actually a coffee scrub – which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their ability to exfoliate and hydrate the skin while making you smell like a barista’s dream.

Coffee scrubs effectively scrub away dead skin, promote cell turnover, hydrate and smooth and encourage healing. Not only that but caffeine is a well loved ingredient in many cellulite treatments due to its ability to immediately tighten the skin.

But Frank is different, Frank has personality. He’s not just a scrub, he’s a social media phenomenon that girls everywhere are scrambling to get intimate with.

One of "Frank's" many babes. Image via Instagram

A quick browse through his Instagram account or Facebook page and you'll see that he's a persona with flirting skills to rival any seasoned tinder user. Even The Bachelor's Sam Frost is smitten.

"Babes", as Frank calls them, are asked to "get naked, get dirty and get rough" with Frank in the shower and many of them use the time while the scrub is drying to take Instagram pictures of their encounter.

Click through the gallery to see some of Frank's latest babes (all images via Instagram).


"I'll do something for you, babe. Like, scrub away dry, flakey skin with my roasted and ground robusta coffee blend, leaving you soft and smooth. I'll cleanse and clarify with brown sugar and sea salt. Then I'll sooth, moisturise and tone with cold pressed almond oil. I'll love every inch of your bod, because that's just the kind of guy I am".

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My personal encounter with "Frank" was on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I jumped in the shower and got a'scrubbin. It smells delicious – think good coffee mixed with orange.

Frank doesn't mind if you do it in the shower, or the bath. Image via Instagram

The difference with Frank is that you then need to let him dry. This is when most "babes" grab the phone and start snapping. I resisted the urge because, unfairly, I looked nothing like the model-like creatures gracing Frank's Instagram account and resembled more a baby hippo stuck in a mud swamp. It provided my husband which much amusement as I waited for the timer to go off – partially awkward about getting scrub everywhere and partially freezing my arse off.

But after jumping back in the shower I was pleasantly surprised. My skin was soft, smooth and oh so touchable. I was in love. Plus I couldn't stop sniffing my arm. Yum! That night I broke the news to hubby that another man would be sharing our bathroom. When he caught some lingering coffee/orange goodness in the air he was surprisingly okay with it.

Frank's one of those 'word of mouth' type products. The ones you need to hear someone raving about to discover. Well, here you go, I'm raving. It's not available in stores so you'll have to go online to purchase your own scrub/boyfriend/flirt here but it will only be a few days before he's on your doorstep asking to share your shower.

Consider me like your own personal beauty Cupid.

You're welcome, babes.

Have you tried a coffee scrub? Feel free to tag us at @theglowau Instagram account with your coffee-covered selfies.

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