France bans thinness. Well, sort of.


A rather odd but interesting law has just been passed France that makes it illegal to "publicly incite extreme thinness". I’m not sure exactly what that means but according to the law’s author, Valery Boyer, the new bill would allow judges to imprison or fine offenders more than $50,000 if they are found guilty of "inciting others to deprive themselves of food to an excessive degree".

So you can promote diets but not anorexia? The law is targeted at magazines, advertisers and the fashion industry but surely it would be a bit hard (apart from those hideous pro-anorexia websites) to prove that someone has encouraged someone else to be extremely thin.

However. I do wish we could start seeing some guidelines – even if they’re not actual laws – enforced here. For the catwalk and for mags and advertisers.

[Source: Jezebel , AP]

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