Sportscaster's million dollar payout over sex tapes comes at huge personal cost.

Fox Sports host Erin Andrews has been awarded $AUD 74 million after winning a trial against the man who secretly filmed her and the hotel she said helped him do it.

Michael David Barrett removed the peepholes into Andrews’ hotel room after management granted the convicted stalker’s request to be roomed beside her.

Barrett then used the holes to secretly record Andrews getting changed before uploading the videos online.

The scandal swept across the American media, where outlets and the public alike speculated as to whether the videos were real or merely a publicity stunt.

Speaking to Deadspin, Andrews — then a young sports journalist — revealed she was forced to go on air to explain her side of the incident.

““[T]hat was the only way I was going to be allowed back [on air],” she said.

Andrews who is now a host of Fox Sports and co-host of the Dancing With The Stars even had her current career success used as evidence against her.

Legal defence for the hotel argued they should not have to pay out damages as the scandal had helped Andrews’ career by furthering her public image.

In tears, Andrews told the court about the humiliation of the events and the personal shame she’s experienced since then.

The Associated Press reported Andrews’ father testified at the hearing that his daughter didn’t want to eat, bathe or be around people after the incident.

“She’s afraid. She’s afraid of crowds, afraid of people. She doesn’t trust anymore,” he said.

The payout will be split between Barrett and West End Hotel Partners — the company that owns the Nashville Marriot.

Barrett will pay 51 percent of the damages, leaving West End Hotel Partners with the remaining 49 percent.

Barrett pleaded guilty to posting the videos and altering hotel rooms in not just Nashville but in Columbus and Ohio as well — two other cities where Andrews had been stationed.

He was sentenced to two and a half years in jail.

Click to watch Andrews’ heartfelt testimony during the trial. 

Video via Page Six