Four sisters put their wedding dresses on again as a special favour to their mum.

Usually, a bride only gets to slip on her wedding gown and be professionally photographed just the once. But these four sisters all donned their dresses for a second time together, as a special favour for their mum.

In fact, second-youngest sister Nikki hadn’t even worn hers to her December ceremony when she got dressed up with her three siblings.

Nikki, along with Amber, Kasey and Skylar, enlisted the help of Alabama-based photographer Ashley Sargent to help make a dream of their mother, Terri McCaffrey’s, come true. She wanted all four of her girls in their dresses in the one image, to cherish forever.
(Image: Ashley Sargent Photography.)

The special favour to their mum, a single parent, was more than a decade in the making and only completed last month right before Nikki's big day.

"Amber, the oldest sister, and I have been friends for about a year," photographer Ashley told Mamamia.

"She told me their idea and wanted me to help them create it. I love a fun unique spin on a photo shoot and this was definitely unique."


Ashley said that while the three sisters had to dig out their old gowns - Amber's from where she stored it after her 2005 wedding - Nikki had to try to keep hers clean, which was not easy considering the shoot was in the woods.
The sisters were asked to bring objects that represented them to the shoot. (Image: Ashley Sargent Photography.)

"Nikki had not yet gotten married when we were doing the shoot, so we had to be extra careful for her gown not to get dirty. The other sisters still had a little dirt at the bottom of the gown," Ashley told Mamamia.

But there was an advantage to wearing her gown before her big day, Ashley thought.

"Amber, Kasey, Nikki, and Skylar are super close sisters. The shoot was a week before Nikki's wedding and I think it was the perfect stress reliever to just enjoy and have fun together."

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