Forget networking, the new office trend is 'sweatworking'.

So, how much moving around do you do at work?

Be honest. It’s not much, is it? Most days, getting up to refill my water bottle is about as active as I get.

Well, couch potatoes, your stationary workdays are a thing of the past with the latest trend to hit boardrooms around the world: SWEATWORKING.


Yep, ‘sweatworking’ is the bouncy new term for a new wave of high-energy networking.

The concept is pretty self explanatory: rather that the traditional format of networking events (getting drunk, eating free food, nabbing free stuff) the participants are expected to, well, sweat.

Whether it’s a group yoga class or light morning jog, these sweatworking events are designed to get the creative juices flowing and the endorphins pumping.

Because let’s face it: Mark from accounts is hardly going to complain about the inappropriate use of the photocopying machine when he’s bouncing around on a post-jog high, right?

As we’re all well aware, eight hours of sitting down at your desk can have catastrophic effects on your health. We’re talking increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and midline weight gain…which is a nice way of saying ‘beer gut’.

So, in a bid to get employees up and moving, employers around the world are adopting the ‘sweatworking’ scheme.

Sweatworking is beginning to sub out everything from weekly WIP meetings to annual team building events. Whilst we’re not entirely sure how much work is done (“Boss! Throw it to me! Also whilst you’re at it could you please consider my application for annual leave?”) we do kinda love the idea of dodging yet another boring meeting in favour for a run around the block.

British not-for-profit company UK Active recently released a report in which it was scathing of our current workplace culture.

“We’re going into our places of work, which have environments set up to get us sitting down and doing nothing,” says Executive Director Steven Ward.


“If you create a culture of an active office you create the culture of a happy and engaged office. Employers could do something as simple as putting ‘walking meeting’ as the first option on meeting-room booking lists.”

He goes on to say that we could all try and incorporate more movement into our every day.

Work, therefore, seems a great place to start. Many of us battle the early morning or post-work blues when it comes to fitting in our daily exercise – whilst the middle of the day (and the sunshine!) goes wasted as we’re cramped up inside.

Former Bachelor Sam Wood has some nifty fitness tips. Post continues after video…

So, whilst most of us can imagine nothing worse than showing physical weakness in front of our workmates, it might actually end up bringing you closer together.

Not convinced? Think about the time you first worked out with your friend, or partner. It was, no doubt, a horrifying experience that resulted in overexertion and a pulled muscle – but how good did you feel after? Great? Exactly. Mutual physical humiliation is a real bonding experience.

So good luck, potatoes. Make sure you remember your running shoes on Monday…or else you might get a detention.

A must have for your next work Sweatworking session? A decent sports bra.