A girl's hilarious forged note from "the school company" is going viral.

A schoolgirl has gone to great lengths to try and con her way into scoring an extra week of holidays.

The girl, known as Cara G, handed the forged note from “the school company” to her amused parents this week after claiming she found it in the mailbox.

Her parents were quick to upload a photo of the note to Reddit, and it has since gone viral.

forged note
Image via Imgur.

Cara's mother shared the photo with the caption: "My daughter got the mail today (it's Sunday), apparently they have another week off school."

The note came complete with different coloured ink and a princess stamp for added authenticity.

You've got to give her points for trying...

Fellow Reddit users had plenty of praise for Cara's chutzpah, with Phuzzmodiar posting "This kid is going places. ..specifically school tomorrow", while 1st_thing_on_my_mind added "The stamp really makes it legit. No stamp, I would have thought it was fake. One more week for sure."

forged note
Image via iStock.

CodyAndTheWhale even shared his own story of a similar childhood prank:

"I did something similar as a young kid, and thought I was so clever. I signed my teacher's name at the bottom and everything. My mum read the letter, then asked me if I would do her a quick favor. She asked me to go grab the dictionary and look up the definition of "forgery". I'd never felt so defeated in my life."

Cara's plan was so audacious, we almost reckon she deserves that extra week off.


What's the best prank you ever played on your family as a kid?