Footballer Greg Inglis has chosen Fathers Day to reveal a secret son.

South Sydney star Greg Inglis has chosen today to reveal a son he had kept a secret.

In an era where celebrities and sport stars dominate the front of magazine and newspaper covers, you’d think it would be almost impossible to hide anything from the paparazzi. Unless you’re NRL player Greg Inglis, that is.

Like many celebrities, South Sydney Rabbitohs Skipper celebrated Father’s Day by uploading an Instagram photo of himself with his 18 month-old son Nate. To the surprise of Inglis’ 186,000 followers, however, there was also a five-year-old boy pictured beside the two of them.

In the post, Inglis revealed that the older child, whose name is Riley, is also his son – a secret he has kept for almost six years at the request of Riley’s mother.

Inglis wrote:

“During a well publicised break in 2009 from my beautiful partner Sally, who is now my lovely wife, I briefly reconnected with my high school sweet heart. The result being this awesome and outgoing boy named Riley. His mother is a very private person, but now that he has started school, we need Riley to know that I’m proud to call him my son. I hope all you dads out there who read this and know they can do better, stand up and be the best father you can be to your child/children… Hope all Dads out there have a great Father’s Day..”

The post carries a powerful message about the responsibilities of fatherhood.

In light of his own experiences, Inglis advises any fathers who “know they can do better” to “be the best father you can be to your child.”

You can’t argue with that.

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