We just learned to fold a fitted sheet in two minutes.

How do you fold a fitted sheet?

It’s the question that plagues millions of adults in the modern world. You can have a degree, you can be ace at your job, you can have the ability to re-create a Masterchef dish armed with just a recipe, and yet, when it comes to folding a fitted sheet, we are at a loss.


The corners never match up, the elastic gets in the way and what do you even do with the bit that goes around the mattress?

Well friends, struggle no more because Chris from homeware store, Adairs, proves it can be done in six easy(ish) steps.

Watch Chris demonstrate her mindbogglingly simple method below:

Video by Facebook

Appearing in a viral video shared by Gold Coast shopping centre, Pacific Fair, the whole process took her under two minutes, and the clip has since clocked up 578,000 views, 3,777 shares and thousands of likes and comments.

And for all those poor souls who have struggled, this is how to fold a fitted sheet:

  1. Place your hands in the corners of the top half of your fitted sheet and lay this out on a flat surface with the elastic-side facing up.
  2. Place your hands in the bottom half of your sheet and turn the corners inside out. Refer to the photo below.
  3. With your hands holding onto the inverted corners of the sheet, fold the sheet in half, placing the bottom half of the sheet into the top half, lining up the corners.
    how to fold a fitted sheet
    Image: Facebook Pacific Fair.
  4. Grabbing the elastic, fold the sheet in half once again.
  5. Holding onto the corners of the elastic, make like Taylor Swift and 'shake it out'.how to fold a fitted sheet
  6. Lay the sheet on the flat surface and fold in the elasticised bit of the sheet. This is the bit which hugs the sides of your mattress (see photo below).
  7. Fold the sheet into thirds lengthwise.how to fold a fitted sheet
  8. Fold into thirds once again, until you're left with a cute and compressed bit of fitted sheet.
  9. Give yourself a pat on the back because you just mastered adulting, level 489375.
how to fold a fitted sheet
Et voila!

While we acknowledge and personally understand the struggle of folding a fitted sheet, give Chris' method a go. A new life of crisp-corners and a well-stacked linen closet could be closer than you think.

Godspeed and good luck.


How do you fold a fitted sheet? Do you struggle with the process? Tell us in a comment below.

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