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A man has live-tweeted his way through the murder scene of his housemate.

A Florida college student has tweeted and Snapchatted his was through the murder scene of his supposed housemate’s ex-partner, labelling the death as “inconvenient”.

On Monday, February 13, 26-year-old Jose Ricardo Ortiz III was found dead by one of his housemates, having received a fatal gunshot wound to the head, the Gainesville Sun reports.

Ortiz was murdered by 24-year-old Katherine Jean Tonner, a woman he had been living with and dating for over a year. The couple had broken up a week prior to his murder but were still living together.

florida man tweets housemates death
24-year-old Katherine Jean Tonner. Source: Twitter.

Following the murder, the Gainesville Sun reports that Tonner phoned local police, saying “I shot him in the head” and “I never meant to hurt anyone.” She was arrested shortly after the call and is being held in jail.

Having been out of the house at the time of the murder, Twitter user @chaserojo was reportedly alerted to the murder via police; news he quickly shared to Twitter.

"So um..... just found out my roommate murdered her boyfriend in our apartment..." he tweeted on Monday.

"Just found out from an ivestegator [sic] that she wrote "death" on the calendar in our kitchen and none of us noticed it."

He then shared images of the outside of what he says is his townhouse cordoned off with police rope, evidence tape inside the apartment, and Ortiz and Tonner's bedroom door. The last image was captioned, "oomf was murdered in that room 2 days ago."

Another image followed shortly after, this time showing a wall within the house. Written across the image was, "THE F*CKING BULLET HOLE."


His followers replied with comments like, "this is hilarious" and "at least now you don't have to worry about them not washing their dishes anymore."

Another tweet from @chaserojo read, "This whole murder in my apt is a big inconvenience bc now i have to pack all of my shit and move."

@chaserojo also shared video footage of inside the hotel police had relocated him to, to which his friend tweeted, "perks of oomf murdering her boyfriend in chases apartment: we get a free hotel suite tonight."

florida man tweets housemates death
The house where Ortiz, Tonner and Chase lived. Source: Twitter.

@chaserojo also asked, "do you think I need a note excusing my absence from class bc my roommate offed her boyfriend in my home."

Finally, on Thursday, he tweeted, "does anyone know if I'm even allowed to be talking about this bc I literally don't know."

His numerous tweets about the murder of Ortiz have been liked and retweeted hundreds of times.