Raise your voice to help lift the silence on abuse.

Marie Louise


On the 27th of April, Marie Louise flew on a route from Wollongong NSW, Australia, through outback Australia, through Northern Territory and over to and around Western Australia, down to South Australia — to be a voice to lift the silence on abuse. She was flying in a Van RV6 to help raise awareness for White Ribbon and Bravehearts, two incredible organisations facilitating grassroots prevention, education and action against abuse.

This is her story…

What an epic adventure, where my personal passions were integrated with purpose to take to the skies in this little aircraft, so beautifully titled the ‘Phoenix’. This project is with full intention support the work of ‘Bravehearts’ and ‘White Ribbon.’ It all started with an invitation to co pilot across Australia, circumnavigating the West Coast makes its way over the Great Australian Bite, to cross a couple of deserts to return 10000km later back at the east. My friend Bill didn’t really know what he invited into his flying Phoenix, but the great phantom of the project, did everything he could for its success.

I am passionate about lifting the silence of abuse so we can take action and come up with creative solutions for the chaos that exists in society today. Highlighting the existence of organizations like Bravehearts and White Ribbon, is an integral part of contributing to global change in a topic, which for centuries, been so oppressed. One in three will experience abuse and one in five is sexual abuse. This figure blows my mind and I was left with the question of, “How can I help?”

Throughout my life I had experienced self-shame, guilt and silent self sabotage, this internal prison were conditionings, fears and beliefs about myself, from my own experiences of child sexual abuse and being raped as a teen. In every space in my life I was exposed to the atomic bomb that sat within. To find full expression, liberation and freedom through voice, action and internal peace, has transformed how I see and experience the world beyond those times that stripped me of self worth and dignity. To find my voice inspires me to feed that ripple and support those that still live in such a prison.


Preparation of the flight was underway and our journey began. Our flight headed out into the great blue yonder from Wollongong to travel over the Australian Desert to see the sea on the Western coast of Australia in Carnarvon.  Anyone who has had anything to do with aviation would of come to know the importance of predicting the weather. Yes, I am hearing you, good luck with that one. Weather is the mover maker and shaker of how comfortable, possible and able you are able to get from A to B.  Overall the flight went well a few modifications to our flight plan was necessary, a couple of alternate landings on dirt strips due to weather and the need for adaption to take place mid flight on many occasions, to find ourselves back in the Gong three and half weeks later.

In any intention of any project, you can never know the outcome of the idea until the idea transforms its way into reality. I have experienced the most overwhelming, moving and transformative time on this journey. I was exposed to people I call ‘the awe makers’: Communities opening their hearts and children who expose such courage to open to the possibility of change. Regional newspapers and radio were happy to interview and publish the story, albeit with the lure of the fancy kickass aircraft as my draw card.

I can’t explain the beauty of Australia that I had the privilege in experiencing. This wasn’t just apparent in the scenery, but obvious with the people that walked into my life in the process. I had many conversations, phone calls and messages of people who still live in silence and are slowly finding their voice sharing vulnerabilities, triumphs and struggles. These stories and sharers, open my heart and will continue to feed the space of possibility of abolishing abuse in humanity. I am truly grateful for the support and love that was given throughout the journey and the money and awareness which was generated.

Forever grateful, Marie Louise

Marie is the author of the book, ‘Discover Worlds Within’ choose to evolve. She coaches individuals, groups and speaks to inspire, empower and share her story, to support others evolution. Marie offers strategies, tools, and concepts with practical education to support the space of personal development.

Marie has been a mother, sister, lover, business owner and whatever other label we find she has been attached to. Through her own inner transformation her awareness and expansion of self, Marie has now moved from a life working in the mining industry, in the outback of Australia, with the hard hat, high vis gear and steel cap boots, to writing a book and coaching others to discover the leader in themselves.

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