5 unique travel experiences to put at the top of your list for 2020.

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If travel is an opportunity to be inspired by the world around you, get ready to do that in 2020. Warning: serious wanderlust ahead.

Flight Centre has just published their annual Flight Centre’s top 50 travel experiences for 2020, featuring places and experiences rated highly by their team of travel experts (one of whom has travelled to a staggering 89 countries). The magazine, available online and in stores, is also based on destination data that’s showing what the latest travel trends are around the globe.

With round-the-world tickets becoming increasingly affordable for Australians who want immersive holiday experiences, it’s never been a better time to consider venturing beyond your usual travel spots.

From tracing the Silk Road route to watching a sunrise over the historic ruins of Angkor Wat, these experiences are wide and the fares are competitive.

Read on to discover five of the best from the Flight Centre’s top 50 travel experiences for 2020, from New York City to Norway.

1. Check out New York City’s newest neighbourhood.

Fact: aside from being the adventure of a lifetime, a trip to NYC is a surefire way to inspire a sense of  jealousy from your family, friends and colleagues.

Up the envy stakes and take yourself directly to the city’s latest hotspot: Hudson Yards. Located in Manhattan’s Far West Side, this modern neighbourhood is totally trend-worthy for all the right reasons.

Its distinctive design (built atop an open-air railyard) was purposely created to become a haven for innovative art displays, boutique shopping experiences and dynamic eateries. You really have no excuse to not include a stopover in the city that never sleeps. Even if it’s just to get a photo on the extraordinary centrepiece of Hudson Yards that you’ve probably seen on Instagram by now: the vertically spiralling Vessel.

A view of the Hudson River from within the Vessel. Source: Getty.

2. Ski Japan and South Korea's coolest snow spots.

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts have had the powder snow fields of Japan firmly planted on their ski radar for some time. The Land of the Rising Sun sure knows how to combine a ski adventure with a cultural holiday in one. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a day spent on the slopes followed by a Japanese feast?

Interestingly, the snow-capped mountains of South Korea have been overlooked when it comes to favoured Asian ski destinations, until now. Flight Centre’s top product strategists have pegged the region as a "must-do ski experience" and included it in their Flight Centre's top 50 travel experiences for 2020. The demand for Japanese and South Korean ski fields is buoyed by affordable airfares and more adventurous millennials' desire to seek out a unique ski holiday.

Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. Source: Getty.

3. Stand on the edge of Pulpit Rock in Norway.

Europe, everybody knows you’re widely regarded as the planet’s epicentre of history and culture. But we feel your natural attractions really should be given more credit.

Be sure to lock in a European stopover here with your round-the-world ticket, because the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Pulpit Rock is the numero uno spot for folk looking to capture the incredible vistas abound on camera.

Accessible via an 8km round trip hike that’s gentle in parts and crazy steep in others, the well-maintained pathway clearly guides you to the summit of Pulpit Rock. It’ll take you around two hours to reach the top (be sure to dress for changeable weather) and depending on when you visit, be prepared for small crowds seeking a majestic nature experience too.

Morning at Preikestolen, aka Pulpit Rock. Source: Getty.

4. Witness the beauty of Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite is part of California’s glaringly beautiful Sierra Nevada range, making it easily accessible for Australian travellers visiting the States.

Take a scenic drive approximately four hours east of San Francisco and you’ll reach the wonders of Yosemite National Park.

It’s as if the magical landscape conspired to create memories to last a lifetime. The woodlands here are famed for their massive ancient sequoia trees and the parks’ iconic Tunnel View vista is a major tourist drawcard too. Keep in mind you can access Yosemite via a splendid four-and-a-half-hour drive south of Lake Tahoe (near the border of Nevada) too.

Yosemite highlights the power of glaciers. Supplied: Getty.,

Whichever way you come here; you’ll be thrilled that you included the US of A, and in particular a Yosemite journey on your trip.

5. Immerse yourself in Ireland's 2020 Cultural Hub.

Have you been to Ireland? If yes, you’ll understand just how fabulous the cultural highlights of the country are. And if you haven’t yet graced the Emerald Isle, then my friend, you’re in for a real treat.

The city of Galway (west coast) has recently been designated as the European Capital of Culture for 2020. What does this mean? Well, as of February 1, Galway comes alive with a fascinating cultural program of events. Just in time for the beginning of the Celtic springtime.

Think music events, art festivals and interactive exhibitions all working together to showcase the cultural diversity of the Celtic people.

Check out Flight Centre's top 50 travel experiences for 2020 and see how to put together the best round-the-world airfares to see them all.

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