'I'm in love with a Hot Priest and it's ruining my life.'

Note: This post contains spoilers for Fleabag season two. And might also be considered highly inappropriate if you’re not into lusting after a priest. 

Dear Lord.

Now I understand.

For weeks, everyone I knew wouldn’t shut up about a ‘Hot Priest’.

‘You have to watch Fleabag,’ they demanded.

‘It’s the Hot Priest. He’s a Priest. But he’s Hot. And he will ruin your life.’

So I watched season two of Fleabag (which, in my opinion, is infinitely better than season one) and Oh. My. God.

Holy Hot Priest.

hot priest gif

I'm in such a weird place I can't quite put it into words.

If you haven't seen Phoebe Waller-Bridge's critically acclaimed series Fleabag, the Hot Priest is the love interest of the main character (known only as Fleabag). The Hot Priest (played by Andrew Scott) doesn't have a name, he's just the Hot Priest, but he may just be the most beautiful, sexy, charismatic, sexy, lovely, funny, sexy, charming and sexy man I have ever thirsted over.

It all starts when Waller-Bridge's character goes out for a family dinner with her father, his fiancée, her sister Claire, Claire's husband, and a suspiciously attractive priest. The Hot Priest, you see, will be marrying Fleabag's father and future stepmother, and has been invited along to get to know them better.


Watch the trailer for Fleabag season two. Post continues after video.

He's Irish (this matters because... the accent), and isn't your typical priest. He's a cool priest. He swears and smokes and his parents are alcoholics and his brother is a pedophile.

He asks Fleabag questions, which is absurdly sexy, and when the night descends into chaos, he offers her his phone number in case she ever wants to talk.

hot priest

It takes approximately 24 hours for Fleabag to discover that, indeed, she wants to talk to the Hot Priest. But she'd also very much like to have sex him too, please.

This presents a problem.


The Hot Priest is a Catholic priest, and as such, cannot do the sex.

Yes, he can have a drink, and flirt, and make jokes, and tell stories about his life, but there's strictly no sex allowed.

Fleabag even Googles it to confirm.

Yep. Definitely no sex allowed. Image via BBC.

So what happens when a beautiful man is suddenly sexually unavailable? He becomes infinitely more attractive.

The tiniest touch on the arm is suddenly erotic.


His robes are suddenly seductive.

So hot.

And the word 'Father' suddenly seems like... dirty talk.

hot priest fleabag

Even his silly sense of humour (he's convinced he's being stalked by a fox) is absurdly hot, and the way he holds Fleabag's guinea pig is particularly gentle.


Then there's the confessional scene.


Holy Sexy Priest that is not very priest-like.

The way the series ends, however, makes it clear that no one can ever really have the Hot Priest. And it turns out there is no one hotter than someone you can't have.

After getting to the stage of accepting that I am, in fact, hopelessly in love with a fictional priest, I've asked myself why.

Part of the obsession comes from the irresistible charm of actor, Andrew Scott. Another part comes from the charm of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whose infatuation is entirely believable.

But the story itself – of falling in love with someone who is real and flawed and complicated and forbidden – is perhaps the most titillating part.

And it's what has everyone feeling like their life has been ruined, by a priest that's unimaginably hot, and completely unattainable.

You can watch Fleabag Season 2 now on Amazon Prime.