Five-year-old girl 'marries' her best friend in sweet fairy tale ceremony as her dying wish.

A five-year-old girl with terminal cancer in Scotland has “married” her best friend as a dying wish.

Eileidh Person was only 2 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer called neuroblastoma, which grows in the nerve tissue.

Now, treatments have run out and the little girl is ticking her dreams off a bucket list.

She’s visited Disneyland, painted her bedroom pink—and just “married” her best friend, six-year-old Harrison Greier.

“Harrison has said for over a year that he was going to marry her,” Eileidh’s mum, Gail Paterson, told CBS News.

“He even ‘borrowed’ one of his mum’s rings to give to her.”

Emma Betts is 25 and planning her own funeral. Post continues below.

Eileidh and Harrison “tied the knot” on June 18 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre in Northeast Scotland.

Friends came dressed as superheroes. Eileidh was “given away’ by her brother, Callum. And the music? A Disney soundtrack, of course.

“[The cancer] took her hair but it couldn’t take her smile,” Eileidh’s father, Grant, said on the day.

At the ceremony, Grant read a fairy tale, written by Eileidh’s mother, about a princess who would never give up the fight against an “evil beast.”

Said Grant: “Eileidh is the bravest little girl in the world and is definitely a superhero.”

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