Five women have all-out brawl on a plane. More entertaining than any inflight movie ever.

Coffee? Tea? Perhaps an icepack?

Tensions run high enough on aeroplanes. You’re rocketing along in a tube of metal, fighting for elbow room, eating bland food and queuing for violently vacuuming toilets. Throw in alcohol and you’re asking for drama, or in the case of Spirit Air Flight 141, an all-out brawl.

Yep. During the journey from Baltimore-to-Los Angeles, Spirit Air staff were forced to intervene when five female passengers started hurling fists over a dispute about loud music. Punches were thrown, handbags were swung, hair was pulled. It wasn’t pretty. Thankfully for us, a host a bemused passengers were ready and willing to capture the whole thing on video.

The high-altitude biffo started when two apparently tipsy women began playing music loudly through a set of portable speakers. They were asked to lower the volume but, unwilling to supress their tunes, they reportedly responded, “What are you going to do about it?”, while waving the speakers in the air.

Three other female passengers weren’t willing to cop that kind of ‘tude and confronted the women, leading to what Los Angeles Airport police officer, Rob Pedregon, described as “a mutual combat situation”.

When the plane landed in LAX, the five women were met by a welcoming party of police, and escorted of the plane. The FBI were also called to investigate, but so far no one has been charged.