'I'm a beauty writer. Here are the 5 products I use for a 5-minute makeup look.'

Back when I was a teeny, newborn beauty writer, I used to wake up that extra bit earlier each morning to style my hair and do a perfect makeup routine (cute eyeshadow! Symmetrical eyeliner flicks!) to really make it look like I'd ✨made an effort✨.

Ugh. I know. My eyes are at the back of my skull, too.

These days, however, I'm significantly more frugal about how I spend my time - and it's forced me to realise that looking like you 'made an effort' doesn't have to involve this long and complicated process of piling on a heap of makeup every morning - unless you want to, that is.

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For this reason, I've been slowly perfecting this tight, simple, yet effective makeup routine with a small slew of products that tick all the boxes in five minutes.

And I think I've just about mastered it. 

Below I've listed some of my favourite products right now (ahem, they live in a special, separate makeup bag), for the quickest, easiest makeup routine.

Bus leaves in five!

1. Rimmel Kind and Free Foundation, $19.95.

Image: Chemist Warehouse


This little sneaky Sue has snuck its way to the top spot of my favourite everyday foundation list (you don't have a list?) because it's insanely good and does everything it promises, giving me glowy, even skin.

I like the way I can literally just slap it on in the morning - it takes seconds, and is a dream to blend (I just use my fingers). The formula itself is beautifully hydrating on my skin, and I really like how it doesn't look like poo by midday.

Right now you can pick it up for half price at the chemist - so it's like 10 bucks. 


2. MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Stripdown, $45.

Image: MAC Cosmetics

I've used this MAC pencil so much that it literally looks like it's lived through the Middle Ages. 

When it comes to my lips, I keep it super simple (lipstick is TOO HARD at seven in the morning/ever, thanks). I pretty much just line them and then apply a slick of gloss over the top, stand back and admire how juicy they look. 

Gym lips, anyone?

3. Poni Cosmetics The White Knight Mascara, $32.

Image: Look Fantastic


I'm not loyal to any particular mascara and tend to get around, but I have to say - this guy makes my lashes look Very Good and I can't stop talking about it. Have literally recommended it to everyone. (The Uber driver was a tough nut to crack, but he's sold). 

It has a fancy dual brush - one for volume and one for length. I apply the volume one first, wiggling it at the base of my lashes, and then I apply the lengthening one at the end of my routine (so the first coat is kinda dry). 

4. Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Makeup in 'Super Chic', $99.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury


You know what's a really good time? When a new Charlotte Tilbury launch slinks its way across my desk, gives me a wink and asks me to trial it. You just know it's going to be good.

And I don't like to play favourites with my beauty children, but sweet mercy this is a good product. 

The kit contains three cream stick products - an eye, lip/cheek and highlighter wand. There are five different looks - 'Super Chic' being my fave. I absolutely love how foolproof these products are. You can just use your fingers and apply everything in a second, making you look like you put in way more effort than you did.

5. Quick Brow 2 in 1 Brow Sculpting Lamination Gel, $34.99.

Image: Quick Flick

This brow gel gives my caterpillars a beautifully natural, brushed-up, fluffy look and I bloody love it. 

The formula itself is white, but when you comb it through your brows (it's a double-sided spoolie/comb/other comb thing), it goes completely invisible. It holds my hairs in place with zero qualms, and there's none of that crunchy, flaky business, either.

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Feature image: Erin Docherty/Mamamia.

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