Fitzy and Wippa take on Donald Trump... with a little help from Wham.

With just two weeks left of the US election period, the parodies of republican nominee Donald Trump are far from slowing down.

Now, Aussie breakfast radio duo Fitzy and Wippa have joined the pile on.

Sharing a reworked version of Wham!’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ the duo began by crooning, “He discriminates, he intimidates, he manipulates, he just regurgitates.”

Wippa as Wham! Source: Facebook.

The revised gem continued, "You said 'Build a Wall' straight from the start, Which got a big bom-bow on the ethnic card. Gun control, please explain, He said BANG lets make America great again."

Dancing in their "Choose Common Sense" t-shirts, the pair added, "But something's bugging us, We’ve been trumped, You’ve had more marriages, Than you’ve called bankrupt."

Posted to the duo's Facebook page on Monday morning, the video has had 50,000 views and over 500 shares in just six hours.


Republican nominee Donald Trump. Source: Getty. 

"This is the greatest thing to come out of the whole presidential race," one Facebook user commented on the video.

"This is gold," another fan wrote.

Fitzy and Wippa's takedown comes weeks after Alec Baldwin began his now infamous parodies of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, which for some truly unknown reasons, Trump himself did not seem to find all that funny.

Fitzy as Wham! Source: Facebook.

“Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!” he wrote.

Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump began a month ago following the first presidential debate and was immediately shared around the world and praised for both its likeness and hilarity, with his most recent skit coming over the weekend, with Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks in on the joke.

As for Fitzy and Wippa's contribution to the parody party? We think it's a go... go.

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