7 things a personal trainer wants you to stop doing immediately.

I'm just going to get straight to it. When it comes to fitness, can we please NOT… 

1. Trade exercise for calories.

With the Easter weekend [or insert any event that is commemorated with deliciousness] the bulls**t comparisons start: “to burn off one mini Easter egg you need to run 107 marathons”.

Could you promote a more unhealthy relationship with exercise and food in a single sentence? I think not.

Also, your body burns calories at rest and not just when exercising. So there.

So go ahead hun, you enjoy your Crunchie bunny and I will meet you for our marathon run… never.

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2. Obsess over one body part.

It’s called ‘farshun’ sweetie, and in my lifetime it’s been fashionable to be Kate Moss thin, Marilyn curvy, and P!nk toned. 

Then we go down the rabbit hole of on-trend flat stomachs this year, muscular arms the next and the latest trend, big booties.

Did anyone consider exercising for enjoyment? Mental health? Social aspects? Not dying an untimely death?

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3. Care what anyone thinks.

I cannot stress this enough: no one at the gym is looking at you. And if they are they are definitely staring right through you in a gym-induced-stupor after having just finished their own oxygen-sucking effort in the gym.

Even those big intimidating looking dudes in the gym, trust me they ain't looking at you either. They have eyes only for one thing: Themselves.

4. Be afraid to ask for help.

We. Want. You. To! Fitness professionals have literally dedicated their life to helping others. 

It’s our job and makes our heart sing when you reach out for assistance or advice. 

You will be shocked at the massive impact on your regime, technique and results when you have the right information.

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5. Be drastic.

I get it. You’ve had a rock-bottom moment and you want that feeling to go away. Fast. 

So you search desperately for the quickest and easiest way to rid yourself of this s**t feeling. 

This is when you’re at your most vulnerable to committing to over-the-top regimes, juice cleanses, supplements or anything else that promises a quick fix.

There are no quick fixes. None. 

Consistency and time trumps EV-ER-Y-THING anyone has to offer, no matter how convincing.

Consistency and time is also a cheaper option and you won’t crap your pants chugging random supplements from who-knows-where containing who-knows-what.

6. Wait for the perfect time.

Never in the history of the world has there been a convenient time to prioritise yourself.


The very act of prioritising means that other areas/other people in your life that may have had top billing need to be shuffled so you can take the time for your health and wellbeing.

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Your health and wellbeing are important. They are the most important. They are important because it helps you be a happier, healthier, more sane human when it does come to managing the other areas/people in your life.

The time is now.

And finally, definitely, certainly, 100 per cent can we PLEASE not:

7. Listen to the naysayers.

Want to learn to lift heavy weights? You go girlfriend! Try pole dancing? Hell yeah! Run your first 5km? Do it!

When confronted with negativity, employ the following ancient mantra: the f**k are you???

Then do the thing anyway.

Marie has been a fitness industry professional since 2005 and currently owns 12RND Fitness in Canberra. Marie is a qualified Personal Trainer, Les Mills group fitness instructor, CrossFit coach and Pilates teacher. For more, you can follow her on  Instagram.

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