THUMBS-UP: The pet rescue playset that's teaching my children to care for animals.

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Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids’ eyes light up as they play and discover the world around them.

It feels like just yesterday they were tiny babies, now they’re curious and adventurous preschoolers who surprise and delight me every day with their caring natures and unique perspectives.

I’ve tried really hard to develop my kids’ emotional intelligence by being sensitive to their needs and prioritising playtime. I know that good teamwork and communication skills are vital to help them build stronger relationships. Encouraging my kids to be kind and community-minded will support them growing into well-balanced and empathetic adults.

When I’m looking for new toys, I ideally want them to tick three boxes: I want them to be great quality. I want them to engage the senses. And I want them to encourage cooperation, curiosity and caring for others.

One toy that does all this and more is the Fisher-Price Little People range, so when their new Animal Rescue playset arrived they ripped open the packaging and squealed with excitement. They then disappeared into their room and played for hours without one argument or request for (another) snack!

Fisher Price
New Little People toy, woo-hoo! Image: supplied

As I peered in to see how they were going, I had one of those sentimental mum moments – I felt overwhelmed with love and pride for the people they are becoming. While my four-year-old was rescuing a kitty from a tree, my five-year-old was bathing a puppy to get him ready for adoption.

As a big lover of animals, it warms my heart to see that my kids have a genuine affinity for their four-legged friends. From looking after our dog, Wilbur, to playing with their animal figurines, they are learning that animals need to be treated with love, care and respect.

This goes beyond just animals, too. They're slowly but surely learning what it means to take care of someone else as well.

Engrossed in their animal rescue missions while our dog, Wilbur watches on. Image: Supplied.

Too often I've bought toys for my kids that they've lost interest in within days, but fast forward two weeks and my kids still can't get enough of their Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue playset which includes a fire station, a tree and a vet/adoption centre. Every day the four figurines – Mia, Firefighter Rob, a puppy and a kitty – are off on another adventure aided by a helicopter and a fire truck. I asked the kids why they love this particular toy so much and they explained as follows:

"It's got super-cool buttons that say super cool things and make super cool noises."

Kitty stuck in a tree? The playset has a discovery button. When you press it, it turns on the light at the fire station which prompts the kids to send Firefighter Rob and his truck off on a rescue mission. As songs and phrases play, Rob swings into action and the animals are safely rescued.

“Bee baa, bee baa, here comes the fire truck to rescue kitty!” Image: supplied.

"There's a super cool helicopter that can fly with a big fan thing on it."

Yep, turn the crank and the helicopter's propellers start spinning. Once the kitty or puppy are saved from whatever predicament they've found themselves in, they are delivered by air to Mia who takes them to the vet centre for a full check-up.

"How cool is the helicopter Mum?" Image: supplied.

"The kitty and puppy can get a bubble bath and find a family to love them."

The kids can press a button to give the kitty and puppy a relaxing bath. Once they're clean, they are ready for Mia to take them to the pet adoption centre where a loving family will take them home and give them lots of walks, cuddles and treats.

It’s a double thumbs up from four-year-old Hugo, high praise indeed. Image: supplied.

I'm not at all surprised that the playset got a double thumbs-up from my little ones. Not only does it engage the senses with bright lights, buttons and sounds, it sparks their curiosity, imagination and self-expression.

I can't wait for their friends to come over for a play date this week and enjoy their new Animal Rescue playset. I also now have a new go-to birthday gift for any kid aged one to five!

If you’re interested in buying the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue playset, it’s available from Amazon for $68.90 with free delivery.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Fisher Price.


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