What's your first world problem?


It’s been a long time since we played first world problems and in my mind that’s a problem in and of itself.  With so much happening around us that is of genuine importance and that needs our earnest consideration, it’s sometimes good for the soul to be a little light hearted and to turn things upside down a bit.

In talking about our first world problems  we aren’t trying to diminish the real problems of those who are suffering and we aren’t negating the fact there there are areas where we can and should be focussing our attention we’re just taking an ironic look at the ridiculous things we’re lucky enough to call problems….

I’ll start: I have been given the most amazing advice by Zoe Foster as to what foundation I should be wearing but I can’t be bothered going to the shops to buy it.  Generally this isn’t a problem at all as I am a lover of all things online and a simple browse and click and the product I want is delivered straight to the office (I don’t even have to go to the post office!).  But for all the advanced technology that the internet encompasses, you cannot colour match foundation to your jawline on the web. Bah Humbug!

So let’s talk about your first world problems then. Remember you can be as trivial or as silly as you like, it’s your chance to be a little superficial and tell us what’s really bothering you, something that you never gave yourself permission to see as a problem ….

Even as I write this I remember more of mine : my husband is away and I have to take out the bins AND put them back in!

Over to you – what is  your first world problem?